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County agent ready to grow in new job
Blake Clark
New Effingham County Extension Agent Blake Carter sorts peanuts in his office Friday afternoon. - photo by Mark Lastinger/staff
I knew it would be a good fit and a good place to go.
Blake Carter, Effingham County Extension agent

RINCON —  Blake Carter has planted himself in a good spot to achieve what he wants — personal growth.

 A soon-to-be 24-year-old Tattnall County native, Carter is a new Effingham County Extension agent. He recently graduated from the University of Georgia with a Master’s degree in agribusiness.

“I didn’t take the traditional route that a lot of people take,” Carter said. “I don’t have the traditional background of crop and soil science or animal science but I have a passion for it. I am willing to learn anything about any topic in agriculture.

“I love it.”

Carter, whose office is located at 501 N. Richland Ave., is bombarded almost daily with the latest information about agriculture and farming research in Athens. 

“I’m constantly reading, learning and trying to figure out things,” he said. “I have stuff to hand out so people can take the information with them. A big part of my role is not just to teach people stuff but to help them find the information they need.”

Carter comes to Effingham County from Liberty County where he also served as an Extension agent.

“When I was told about all the ag stuff here, it really was a draw for me,” he said. “I also knew that Bill Tyson used to work here in this role. He’s in Bulloch County now right beside me so what better way to learn the county than from somebody who was here for 13 years?

“I knew it would be a good fit and a good place to go.”

Carter admitted that he didn’t always aspire to be an Extension agent. 

“I knew I wouldn’t be a farmer right now because I don’t have the resources for it,” he said. “I started wondering what the next best thing would be for me to help (farmers). I still wanted to contribute in some way and I figured the Extension was one way to do that.

“That’s why I really wanted this.”

Carter arrived in Athens with hopes of becoming a doctor.

“I didn’t find my passion for agriculture until I got to college,” he said. “I grew up right beside the fields and a farm but it wasn’t what I wanted to do. I wanted to be a doctor even until I got to my freshman year of college.”

Carter’s career path took a sharp turn during a poultry science class.

“I thought, ‘Wow! There is money to be made in agriculture!’ I really liked the business side of it,” he said.

Carter has firsthand knowledge of running a business. He and his roommate won first place in a college contest by starting a company that produced a beer barbecue sauce.

“I use that knowledge to help farmers with business planning,” he said.

Carter likes waking up not knowing what each day will bring.  He is constantly confronted with new problems to solve.

“I really want Effingham County to be place that I can help the community grow a good bit,” he said. “I hope this community can help me grow, too. It is not a one-way street.

“It’s a two-way street. I want to learn from other people.”

 Carter will write columns for the Effingham Herald. They will deal with a variety of issues important to homeowners and backyard gardeners.

“I enjoy helping homeowners,” Carter said. “I enjoy helping anybody really. I want to build the community up in agriculture in any  way I can.”

Carter can be reached via email at The Extension phone number is 912-754-8040.