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County roads slated for repaving this summer
Projects funded through TSPLOST

Special to the Herald

SPRINGFIELD – A contract for a large package of resurfacing projects is scheduled to be awarded at the May 21 meeting of the Effingham County Board of Commissioners.

The list of 42 roads and streets slated for repaving in Districts 1 and 2 includes:

Honey Ridge (from Ga. Hwy 119 to Ga. Hwy 17 – 5,280 feet)

Central Avenue (from Honey Ridge to McIntyre Road – 8,965 feet)

Conaway Road (from Ga. Hwy 17 to Ga. Hwy 30 – 2,330 feet)

Roebling Road (from Ga. Hwy 17 to dead end – 10,200 feet)

Auriga Boulevard (from Roebling Road to dead end – 2,828 feet)

Lemans Drive (from Roebling Road to dead end – 3,900 feet)

Sebring Drive (from Leman Drive to dead end – 2,200 feet)

Watkins Glenn Drive (from Sebring Drive to dead end – 815 feet)

Richmond Drive (from Sebring Drive to dead end – 920 feet)

Road Atlanta (from Roebling Road to dead end – 4,527 feet)

Daytona Drive (from Road Atlanta to Road Atlanta – 2,000 feet)

Darlington Circle (from Daytona Drive to cul-de-sac – 300 feet

Bristol Circle (from Daytona Drive to cul-de-sac – 425 feet)

Bristol Drive (from Daytona Drive to cul-de-sac -- 1,475 feet)

Phoenix Drive (from Bristol Drive to Charlotte Drive – 410 feet)

Charlotte Drive (from cul-de-sac to cul-de-sac – 775 feet)

Rockingham (from Bristol Drive to cul-de-sac – 575 feet)

Red Bud Road (from Pine Street to Holly Drive – 665 feet)

Holly Drive (from Red Bud Road to Ridge Road – 1,400 feet)

Pine Street (from dead end/private drive to Ga. Hwy 26 – 2,445 feet)

South Laurel Circle (from Ga. Hwy 26 to pavement joint from old railroad – 2,545 feet)

Cannochee Avenue South (from 2nd Street to 4th Street – 1,100 feet)

7th Street (from Central Avenue to Reed Street – 2,220 feet)

Hawassee Avenue (from 7th Street to 2nd Street – 1,900 feet)

Ogeechee Avenue (from 7th Street to Second Street – 1,990 feet)

2nd Street (from Hawassee Avenue to Central Avenue – 1,730 feet)

Railroad Street (from 6th Street to 2nd Street – 1,477 feet)

6th Street (from Railroad Street to Withlachoochee Avenue – 942 feet)

Ohoopee Avenue (from dead end to 2nd Street – 2,626 feet)

2nd Street (from Railroad Street to Oconee Avenue – 460 feet)

1st Street (from Oconee Avenue to dead end – 475 feet)

Oconee Avenue (from 1st Street to 6th Street – 2,000 feet)

Withlachoochee Avenue (from dead end to Bay Road – 2,740 feet)

8th Street (from Bay Road to Ohoopee Avenue – 1,225 feet

4th Street (from Railroad Street to dead end – 770 feet)

Stagecoach Avenue (from Sand Hill Road to Sand Hill Recreation Complex – 1,801 feet)

Herbert Kessler (Midland Road to dead end – 3,650 feet)

Zittrouer Road (Midland Road to Ga. Hwy 30 (13,650 feet)

Zipperer Road (Midland Road to Zipper Paddock Road – 5,725 feet)

Pittman Drive (from Goshen Road to dead end/private drive – 1,110 feet)

Golden Drive (from Goshen Road to McCall Road – 3,914 feet)

Pine Drive (from Golden Drive to Center Drive – 1,910 feet)

The road improvements, set to begin this summer, will be funded by Transportation Special Purpose Local Option Sales Tax (TSPLOST), a one-percent sales tax collected for a specific program of transportation projects.