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COVID-19 concerns to delay Springfield restaurant opening
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SPRINGFIELD -- With COVID-19 on the rise, local business owners have made the executive decision to close their doors or postpone their current business plans. Amy Moore and James Carlson are among the few entrepreneurs in Effingham County who have spoken out about this issue as they postpone the opening of a steak and seafood restaurant.

This past spring, James Carlson and his staff began devising a plan to introduce a fine dining experience to Springfield’s current culinary scene. Not long after, they introduced Moore to this concept and began strategizing plans to open the restaurant in Carlson’s event venue, The Local on Laurel.

“Springfield has been craving a steak restaurant for as long as I can remember,” said Carlson. “However, with the increasing number of positive cases, opening a business during this time would prove to be unprofitable.”

While the Local on Laurel’s event space will remain, they still plan on using their neighboring facility for culinary purposes. Simply Southern, Moore’s restaurant, will be moving into Carlson’s buildout adjacent to the event space and will be the source of catering with the option for wholesale/retail casseroles.

Keeping a similar concept to the name they built on Longbridge Road, Moore and her team remain optimistic about this business venture.

“We are excited to be back in Springfield and serving the community,” said Moore. “In addition to our current catering, we will have certain days designated for carryout food options posted the week prior.”

Despite putting this project on hold, Carlson sees a light at the end of the tunnel for those craving upscale cuisine. The vision for a steak and seafood restaurant in Springfield, Georgia still remains.

“While we are not breaking ground at this time, the original business plan remains,” said Carlson. “Springfield will see this concept come to fruition in the near future. All good things take time, we are asking for your patience as we move forward with this project.”

Although Carlson will not state a grand opening time or location, he is actively working alongside investors and consultants to craft a lasting-concept that will withstand the uncertain times to come.