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Crews contain Midland Road brush fire
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Georgia Forestry crews are keeping an eye on a brush fire that is not quite out but is now contained.

The brush fire off Midland Road started more than a week ago but became a serious threat Monday afternoon. More than two dozen forestry workers have been working to contain the blaze, which was in the middle of a large, swampy area.

“Every day that goes by, it gets in a little better shape,” said Ty Heyman of the Georgia Forestry Commission.

Forestry officials have cut in a few more security lines, Heyman said, and Effingham chief ranger Frank Hines had a couple of rangers bolster the number of fire security lines cut in around the fire.

“We’ve been pushing the lines for two or three days,” Heyman said.

Because of the fire’s location and the difficulty in reaching it, forestry officials surrounded it with fire breaks and used counter measures to control the fire. Area fire departments have been spraying water on the edges of the fire and many firefighters spent the bulk of the week at the ready at homes nearest the fire.

“We’re in a monitoring stage right now,” Heyman said.

While forestry and local fire department crews have done as much as they can do, putting out the fire may require help from Mother Nature.

“It’s going to take 2-3 inches of rain,” Heyman said. “Any rain at all would help.”

A fire in the area in the 1970s burned for three months, according to Heyman.