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Crime reports
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May 27
Ash Street Extension
Information report
A woman stated that while her children were in the yard playing, they found a gun in the ditch. She said that she had cleaned her yard the day before and the gun was not there.

June 2
Huger Street
Financial transaction card fraud
A Rincon woman stated that she believes that someone has taken her debit card from her purse. She thinks that it might have happened at work. The card has been used since it was taken. She said that she has now cancelled that card.

June 2
Silverwood Drive
Criminal trespass
A man told police that someone driving a white van with a ladder rack drove through the entrance of the Silverwood Plantation subdivision striking the security gate, causing it to break. The man said that the incident was caught on video and that he had someone come in and pull the video file from the computer and save it.

June 2
Stillwater Road
Damage to property
According to a woman, she and a male were drinking alcohol when the man accused the woman of taking his liquor bottle. She said that he became irritated and started to bust out her front windshield of their 1989 Chevy Blazer. She said that he then busted out her two front side windows and the driver rear side window of her ’78 GMC vehicle.

June 2
Highway 21 South
Theft by taking
A woman stated that someone has stolen her Dish Network satellite dish. She says that this is the second time someone has stolen the dish. She isn’t sure if any of the security cameras recorded the theft.

June 3
Old River Road
Possession of marijuana
An officer made a traffic stop when he saw a truck pull out of a parking lot and run a stop sign. When the truck stopped, the officer asked the driver for his license and proof of insurance. The driver gave them to him. While talking to the driver, the officer noticed that the man’s eyes were bloodshot and that his speech was slow. The officer didn’t smell any alcohol but asked the man if he smoked. The man said not recently. Then the officer asked the man what he had smoked and he said marijuana. The officer searched the vehicle and found a clear plastic bag containing another plastic bag filled with a leafy green substance believed to be marijuana. The man was placed under arrest and was transported to the Effingham County Jail.

June 3
Indigo Road
Damaging mail boxes/mail
The complainant stated that this is the third time in approximately a month that he has had to replace or repair his mailbox. He complained that the dump trucks were driving too fast and probably were the offenders.

June 4
Highway 119 South
Damaging mailboxes/mail
A Springfield man stated that when he left this morning, his mailbox was up by the road, but when he came home, the mailbox had been hit and was laying in the ditch.