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Effingham County Sheriff's Office reports
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June 24
Animal complaint
A Clyo woman said she saw a man wearing only jean shorts and riding a bike shoot at her dog at least five times. Deputies said the dog suffered a wound, possibly from a BB gun or Air Soft pistol, to the left eye. When she tried to approach the shooter, he took off on his bicycle.

June 25
Suspicious person
A woman told deputies she was walking her dog in her front yard one morning when a man in a SUV pulled up. There was a Georgia Power magnetic sign on the passenger door, and he said he was there to read her meter. The man engaged her in conversation but left without ever checking her meter. She said she felt uncomfortable and called Georgia Power, which told her they had no employees or contractors checking on meters. She was advised to get the vehicle’s tag number and contact the ECSO if she saw the man again.

June 25
Burglary, second degree
A woman said she had parked her car at a day care center and went inside and when she came back out, her purse was no longer in her car. She said the day care has a video recording of the incident, which shows a man getting out of another car and running over to her vehicle. He opened the door, took her purse and fled. She said her purse contained several credit cards, some of which were for her business. The purse also had her son’s Social Security card and her driver’s license. Her vehicle, house and business keys and her vehicle key fob also were in the purse.

June 26
Criminal trespass
Possession of marijuana
Deputies responded to a Bloomingdale address and found a man busy with possessions scattered in the yard. He was told to pull his hand out of his pocket and when he eventually did, a small baggy fell to the ground. The baggy appeared to contain marijuana.

The complainants said they did know the man, who had come to their home in a taxi. He asked if he could leave a few large bags of his belongings in the yard until his friends got off work. He placed a few trash bags on the lawn, and they believed he had left. When they awoke the next morning, they discovered the man had slept in their yard all night and even relieved himself in their yard.

June 27
Aggravated battery
Simple battery
Criminal trespass
A woman called 911 to report her arm was broken and she needed an ambulance. As a deputy was en route, the 911 call was disconnected, and the call-taker dialed the number from which the original call had come. The woman answered and handed the phone to the man in the house, who said no emergency services were needed and the woman would go to the hospital later.

The responding deputy met the man in the front yard, and he said he and the woman got into a tussle and her arm was broken. He said he wanted to get his engagement ring back from her and when she refused to give it to him, he pulled on the ring until he heard her arm “pop.”

The woman said the man had grabbed her arm and twisted it behind her back. She refused an ambulance ride to the hospital. She also said he had thrown three glasses of water in her face, and she was wet from the waist up. There was broken glass on the front walkway, which both the man and woman said was the result of his taking a wine glass from her and breaking it after she refused to stop drinking.

June 28
Driving under the influence
Public drunkenness
Expired license
Deputies were called to a Bloomingdale residence on the report of a disorderly intoxicated person and a potential second intoxicated person. The deputy found the two men, along with a car hooked to another car by a tow strap. The owner of the car being towed said he had been drive to that location to remove the vehicle. He also had the odor of alcohol and his speech was thick and mumbled. He also was fidgety and antsy.

The other man also appeared to be intoxicated. He could not stand on his own and was incoherent. He kept wandering around, appearing confused, before sitting on the ground and starting to crawl. He said he was supposed to take lithium and other medications but his meds had been stolen recently.

The first man said his license was expired and the other man had driven him there but deputies said there was no way his companion would have been able to drive from Savannah in his current condition. The first man admitted he had driven them there and if the other man had been behind the wheel, they would not have made it there. Field sobriety tests were administered.

June 28
Deputies responded to a burglary complaint. A woman said someone had broken into her home, and she believes she knows who the culprit is. She and the man she suspects were in her home talking the night before. She left to go to the store but when she returned, she noticed her video game controllers missing. She discovered other items missing when she took inventory of her belongings the next morning. She told deputies neighbors informed her the suspected culprit sold her revolver to another person who lives nearby. Her iPad was missing, and Apple told her to download an application that could help her find it. The location it tracked turned out to be the home of the suspected culprit.

She went to his home to confront him, but he kept denying he had anything to do with her items being taken. The woman said this is not the first time her home has not been broken into, and the suspect is telling other people that the stuff he sells belongs to her.

Deputies went to talk to him, and he told them he had nothing to do with the burglaries. He said he had been taking care of his baby and had not seen the complainant in two weeks, and that her story about the two of them talking in her home before she went to the store was wrong. He also said she had come to his home and told him if he did not give her stuff back, she would have someone beat him up.