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Effingham County Sheriff's Office reports
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July 6
Burglary-first degree
A Clyo resident said someone broke into her home and took a container with nearly $800 in coins and also threw her recently-folded clothes around the living room. She said when she got home around 6 p.m., the front door was opened, but there was no evidence of forced entry. It is the third time three weeks deputies had been called out for a burglary or civil matter at the address.

July 7
Financial transaction card fraud
A Rincon woman said there were $200 in unauthorized charges on her debit card. She said she still had possession of her card and had given it back to the bank. She added she spoke with Walmart asset protection about the charges. She said she didn’t know who did it or how they got her card number. She was advised to work through her bank to resolve the issue and contact the credit bureaus to flag her credit history for any unauthorized inquiries.

July 8
Harassing phone calls
A woman said a man had been telling people that she had AIDS and was intentionally spreading it by having unprotected sex with numerous individuals. As a result, she said, she had been receiving harassing phone calls. The woman said she was not intentionally spreading AIDS.

July 8
Property damage
A man said a recovery vehicle damaged his septic tank as it removed a friend’s pickup from his yard. The complainant said he told the tow truck driver to stay close to the house. When he went back outside, he noticed tire tracks over the septic tank, and the tank’s lid had been damaged. The complainant said he tried to reach the repossession company many times with no luck.

July 9
Criminal trespass
A man said he had been having problems with his neighbor over property issues. He said his neighbor’s grandson and a friend rode their four-wheelers on his land without his permission. He took pictures of the incident and said he wanted them charged with criminal trespassing.
The two riders said they did not think they were on land that belonged to the complainant and were heading to a pond on the grandfather’s property. They said they thought the road was an easement they had. They were given criminal trespass warnings.

July 9
Theft by taking-felony
A Rincon woman said someone cut the chain that secured a dirt bike and stole the bike, along with two gas cans.

July 10
Harassing phone calls
A woman said she had stopped seeing a man but he continued to call her. She said she told him that if he continued to call her she was going to call law enforcement. His messages turned vulgar at that point and he indicated he had had relations with her mother and she could be his daughter. The complainant said she was afraid of him and wanted him to stop contacting her. She was advised of civil procedures.

July 10
Theft by taking
A Guyton said a bicycle was stolen from his yard, and a neighbor saw a man walk into his yard and take the bicycle down the road.

July 10
Simple battery-family violence
A deputy responded to a Guyton address on the call of a theft, and the complainant said she went to a neighbor’s house to call but didn’t want them to know the real reason for her call to authorities. She said she lent a friend money the day before and after telling her husband about it, he became upset. Early that morning, after he had been drinking, he threw her around the room and hit her with a metal pipe. She said she wasn’t sure where her husband was, possibly in Savannah. She said he had taken her phone, purse and car keys. She said she did not want to pursue charges because her husband had left. All attempts to reach him failed.
Deputies returned two hours later, after the woman called again from a neighbor’s house to inform deputies her husband had returned home. She said he came home, got a different vehicle and tried to grab her by the shirt. She pulled away and went to a neighbor’s house. She and her children were offered a ride but she declined, opting to wait for her sister to arrive. She also said she was not concerned about her husband returning again because she had changed all the locks.

July 10
Simple assault
A delivery truck driver said he was assaulted and the man he accused of assaulting said the driver tried to run over him. The driver said a package for the other complainant was delivered to the wrong address because the numbers on the house were not visible, and that the other man became annoyed. The driver said the other man got agitated and demanded the driver retrieve his package. After the driver did so, the other man continued to vent his frustration and raised his fist to shoulder level as if he were preparing to strike. The driver got back in his vehicle and started to leave, but the other man stepped in front of the truck to block his exit. He went around the other man, who then kicked the side of the truck as it went by. There was a footprint on the driver’s side.
A deputy had problems finding the other complainant’s house, locating it only after finding the other man standing in his driveway. The other complainant said that after he confronted the delivery driver about the package, the driver responded profanely. He told the driver he was going to call 911 and stepped in front of the truck to prevent him from leaving. The other complainant said the driver ran over his foot as he left, and he did kick the truck. The deputy observed the other complainant pacing back and forth, having no trouble walking, and he was not wearing shoes. He said all he need he was a report because he was going to call the delivery company and his lawyer. He also said he had a video of the incident but could not provide it, since he was unsure of how to work his surveillance system.

July 11
Theft by taking
Deputies responded to a motion alarm that was set off. A keyholder to the building said she found the back door, which normally is locked, was unlocked. A truck driver said he saw a car at the back of the warehouse and when they saw his truck coming, they took off. Another driver got the vehicle’s tag and a be on the lookout advisory was issued. A Rincon officer stopped the car and the driver’s license was discovered to be suspended. The car’s owner agreed to a search of the vehicle, and there were two bottles in the trunk that matched items from several boxes in the warehouse.

July 11
Suspicious person
A deputy was called to an Eden convenience store, after a woman was seen wandering around the parking lot. The deputy saw the woman sitting in the driver’s seat of her vehicle asleep. As the deputy spoke to her, he noticed her speech was slurred and the right side of her face was sagging. She admitted to consuming alcohol and Xanax the night before, and she appeared to urinate in her seat as the deputy questioned her. Two sets of keys were found on top of her car but the woman said she had no idea how they got there.

July 11
Theft by taking
A Guyton woman said she borrowed a friend’s lawn mower because hers was not working and she discovered it missing. Her inoperable mower also was missing.

July 11
Driving while license suspended or revoked
Reckless driving
Possession of open
alcohol container
Several motorists called about a reckless driver on Highway 17, weaving in and out of traffic and running cars off the road. Eventually a deputy got behind the suspect car and saw it swerve and cross over the center line on Highway 80. The deputy turned on his lights and siren, but the driver went another mile and a half before pulling over. The deputy asked the driver if he had a reason for not pulling over, and he said, “I didn’t see you.” His license had limited permit printed across the top. He said it was a work permit because of a DUI.
The driver was unsteady on his feet and had to lean against the open door to keep his balance. Dirt and scuffing on his left shoulder indicated he had taken a fall recently. He said he was from outside of Augusta and recently separated from his wife. He also said he had had one beer that day. A search of the car turned up a half-full and still cold 40-ounce beer. A breathalyzer test at the jail revealed the driver’s blood alcohol content to be .197.

July 12
Agency assist
At a Guyton store, a deputy found a dog locked in a vehicle with the windows rolled up and the engine off. The owner came out of the store and the deputy asked her to start the vehicle and turn on the air conditioner. The deputy said she could be charged with cruelty to animals but since she was gone briefly and the animal did not appear to be in distress, she was given a warning.

July 13
Domestic dispute
Deputies were called to a domestic dispute that also involved weapons. While en route, they were told the offender left the scene and was headed to Screven County, so they changed direction to intercept. After not making contact, deputies proceeded to the incident, where a woman said a man pushed her and fired a shotgun in the yard. Deputies then were told that Screven County had detained the suspect and he was being held there for suspicion of DUI.
While on deputy went to Screven County Jail to speak with the suspect, another deputy reported that the victim’s story kept changing and she may be under the influence of some substance. When the deputy going to Screven got to the jail, the suspect said he and the woman got into an argument over him moving out of the house. He said he pushed her after she pushed him. He said he did not fire a shotgun at the scene but pointed it in a safe direction, shooting it only to unload it.