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Effingham County Sheriff's Office reports
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March 22
Possession of a controlled substance
A deputy was patrolling near Clyo just before 7 a.m. when he noticed a silver car parked at Tommy’s Store with a woman asleep behind the wheel. She said she was tired and pulled over to sleep on her way to her home in Savannah from a friend’s house in Sylvania.

The woman was very nervous and talkative, fidgety and stumbled as she left her car. The woman replied she had not been drinking and she was not under the influence of any illegal drugs. A search of her car revealed a wooden box in the trunk with a coffee mug, a small wallet, a gift bag and eight prescription pill bottles. Some of the pills in the bottles were found to be promethazine and clonazepam, both under the Georgia Controlled Substances Act.

The woman denied any knowledge of the pills and said the prescriptions were her daughter-in-law’s and an ex-boyfriend’s. Also found were three smart phones, along with several SD cards and a flash drive.

The drug suppression unit said the woman was a person of interest in Screven County.

March 29
Pedestrian under the influence
A man at an Old River Road store was reported to be intoxicated and harassing the customers. The man had been told several times to leave and not to return, and the complainant told deputies he had called for law enforcement several times in regard to the man, only to have the man leave before deputies arrived. The complainant said the man also is homeless and lives in the woods between the store and Uncle Bud Drive.

The deputy saw the man stumbling in the middle of Old River Road while traffic was slowly passing him. The offender eventually reached the shoulder of the road and almost fell into the ditch. The deputy noticed a strong smell of alcohol on him, along with thick, slurred speech and glassy eyes. The man said he was digging through the trash cans before the deputy arrived, and he also lost his balance and stumbled backwards several times while talking with the deputy.

March 30
Burglary, first degree
As deputies responded to a suicide threat, dispatch advised them a man had entered that home through a window and was armed with a shotgun. Once at the residence’s door, the complainant told deputies that the man had left through the backyard and into nearby woods. In a nearby cul-de-sac, another resident said a man in a pickup had been parked there for several minutes and left about 10 minutes before a deputy emerged from the woods.

The complainant said the man, who was her ex-boyfriend and lived at the house until about three months ago, did not take the shotgun with him. She told deputies she spoke with him on the phone last night but stopped talking when she overheard a conversation about him buying heroin.

She told deputies he came to the house begging to speak with her and see their child but she never opened the door and told him to go away. He then got into the house through an unlocked front window and continued to beg her to talk to him. When she refused, he grabbed a shotgun. She ran upstairs and told her mother what was taking place.

Both women said the man ran to the top of the stairs without any weapon and begged to speak to his ex-girlfriend, but he left after threatened him with a rifle. She said she still loves him but cannot be with him because of his heroin use.

About two-and-a-half hours later, a deputy was told by a Stillwood subdivision resident about a suspicious vehicle, and three deputies made contact with the driver. He said he was waiting on his girlfriend so he could give her computer back to her. He said he went into the home by himself and without her knowing he was there. He said her mother wanted him to leave, so he did, and he came back to the neighborhood to meet her and parked where he could see her leave the driveway.

She said she knew nothing about meeting him and was leaving to pick up her child. He was arrested and charged with burglary and stalking.