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Guyton Police try to find culprits in shootout
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Guyton Police officers are still chasing leads and trying to find who was responsible for a Saturday morning shootout.

Around 2 a.m. Saturday, residents reported hearing speeding cars and gunshots, Guyton Police Chief Randy Alexander said.

No one was hit by gunshots or hurt in the incident, according to the chief. The incident also does not appear to be a drive-by shooting.

“We know it wasn’t random,” Alexander said. “The vehicles may have been chasing each other and shooting at each other’s vehicles. It may be two rival gangs fighting over turf or other issues, and they brought it to Guyton.”

Officers have not found any evidence that any rounds hit any homes or vehicles. Numerous shell casings of different calibers have been recovered.

Bullet fragments were recovered from a telephone utility box on Seventh Street. Officers spent nearly three hours combing over the scene, which stretched over several blocks. It is difficult to determine the caliber of the weapon used since there are only bullet fragments.

The department also is waiting to get a few more statements from potential witnesses in the incident.

“It’s an ongoing investigation, and we’re still working on it,” Alexander said. “We’ve got several good leads.”

Guyton residents have been more forthcoming about problems in recent years, thanks to an improved rapport with the police department, Alexander noted.

Crime scene investigators returned to the area of the shootout, and Guyton officers also combed over the area again Sunday.

“Our guys were going up and down Highway 17 to see if we missed any evidence,” Alexander said.

The chief said his department has beefed up patrols in the area.