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Heyman pleads guilty to 3 counts
Will serve 10 years in prison
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A Springfield man accused of several counts of child molestation pled guilty to three charges Wednesday morning in Effingham County Superior Court.

Julian Heyman, 53, agreed to a 10-year sentence and 10 years probation in front of Ogeechee Judicial Circuit Judge John R. Turner for three counts of child molestation.

“We’re glad to get the matter behind us,” said Assistant District Attorney Michael Muldrew. “The victims don’t have to go through the trauma of a trial.”

Heyman, who had been named teacher of the year at Ebenezer Middle School and was also president of the Georgia Salzburger Society, was indicted on eight charges in February. Heyman has resigned from his position with the Effingham County Board of Education and also relinquished his post as president of the Georgia Salzburger Society.

Heyman pled guilty to three charges of child molestation. He had been indicted on two additional charges of aggravated child molestation and two counts of two counts of electronically furnishing obscene material to a minor.

Judge Turner asked Heyman if he was guilty as charged to the counts he was pleading to. Heyman answered, “Yes.”

The incidents Heyman pled to occurred between Jan. 1, 1997, and Dec. 31, 1998. The victims were all under 10 years old at the time and two are still minors.

The district attorney’s office will nolle prosse the other counts, meaning they won’t further prosecute Heyman for the current charges or any charges that may result from the current investigation. But Muldrew said they could prosecute Heyman for any charges that result from other victims who have not yet come forward.

The maximum sentence for the aggravated child molestation charges is 25 years to life, and the child molestation charges carry sentences from five to 20 years. Heyman’s sentences on the three child molestation charges will run concurrently.

Muldrew said the now adult victim and the families of the minor victims were satisfied with the sentences.