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Incident reports
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Guyton, Shellie Helmey Rd
Suspicious vehicle
Driving under the influence
Driving while license suspended

An officer was dispatched in reference to a suspicious vehicle/person. The vehicle was in a driveway when the owner of the home came home. The driver told them that he was “waiting to pick someone up” then drove off. The officer found the vehicle matching the description turn off Highway 30 onto Shellie Helmey Road. The driver drove to the backside of a property where the car could be barely seen from the road. The officer spoke with the driver. He noticed a strong alcohol odor. He asked if he was parked in anyone’s driveway and the driver said “yeah, I was waiting to pick someone up to help me with something.” The officer got his information and found out that the license was suspended for DUI. The officer asked if he had anything to drink and he said no, but his words were slurred and he appeared to be nervously pacing. The driver said that he lives in Savannah and was at his friend’s house helping them move stuff from the shed in the back yard. The friends said that they were in a meeting discussing personal matter and that they asked him to leave their residence for a little while. The driver of the car further stated that the reason he was on Shellie Helmey Road “near someone’s house is because he was waiting on a friend to meet him and help him move some of the stuff.” The officer asked who the man was and he said “well, I don’t really know him.” The driver refused the field sobriety test or the portable breath test. He was then taken to the Effingham County Jail.

Guyton, Shellie Helmey Rd
Terroristic threats

The complainant stated that when her dog got loose from its chain in the yard and went over to her neighbor’s yard, she went to retrieve it. She stated that a man came out of his house and asked her what she was doing in his yard. She explained to him that her dog had gotten loose and she was just trying to get it back. She said that he told her that he should just shoot her and for her to not come back on his property. She didn’t see a weapon, just the threat was made.
The officer then went to the man’s residence and spoke with him about the incident. He said that he and his wife had been robbed years ago and was put in the hospital because of it. He stated that because it was dark and he saw someone in his yard he was worried that someone maybe trying to break in to the house. He stated that he asked the complainant why she was there, and after she explained, he told her that she should never walk in his yard without first going to his door to let him know she was there. He said that he never threatened to shoot her, but that he told her someone in his yard at night could get shot because they could be viewed as trying to break in to the residence.

Bloomingdale, Highway 80
Driving away without rendering payment for fuel

An officer responded to a call at the BP Faulkville for a gas drive off. The manager of the gas station stated that a woman pumped $42.83 dollars worth of gas in her vehicle and drove off waving and smiling at her. The manager said that she had pulled in to one of the pumps and was trying to pump gas. The manager asked over the intercom if she was paying at the pump and the woman said that she was going to pay inside. The manager told the woman to step to were she could see her and she would turn the pump on. The woman then acted like she was going to get her purse, but then she jumped into her vehicle smiling and waving while she drove off. A customer followed the vehicle, called the manager and told her that it was a green Mitsubishi Montero and that the driver was speeding down Jimmy Deloach Highway at 80 to 90 mph. The manager said she hoped the store’s surveillance camera caught the woman or her tag.

Springfield, Ardmore Oaky Road
Fight/ affray

Deputies were dispatched to a possible drive by shooting. When officers arrived, they found out that it was a fight. According to one man, he was at a family outing and stumbled into another man. He said that the other man hit him with his fist to the side of his head. The man said he then left and went to retrieve his cousin. They then returned to the party. There was a verbal confrontation and the second man left the party and went home.

According to the second man, the first man walked into him and challenged him and a brief struggle occurred. The man said the first man left and returned with his cousin. He then said that the cousin had a shotgun. He said that he acted like he called the police and the man and his cousin left. Some people at the party supported one man’s story while others supported the other. All parties were intoxicated at the time of the incident.

Springfield, Webb Road
Civil matter
Disorderly person
Criminal trespass

Deputies responded to a disorderly person on Webb Road. An officer spoke with the complainant who stated that the woman arrived at his place to collect a debt. When he advised her that he did not have the money at that moment, she became outraged and began using vulgar and abusing language and was spitting at him. He admitted that he said some explicit words as well and demanded her to leave his property. She refused and continued to demand payment, even asking for a post dated check for the debt. After the man called the police, the woman attempted to leave and tore up the yard driving recklessly almost hitting the man. The yard was torn up and the man’s wife agreed with the man’s story. He also stated that he received over 40 phone calls in the past 24 hours from the woman. The woman was found at the Effingham county sheriff’s office and wished to make a report regarding the man pushing her daughter at the scene. The woman explained that she was owed three hundred dollars from the man and has been attempting to collect the debt for some time. She said she had already been in court trying to get the money but she was tired of paying court costs. She denied attempting to strike the man with her car and only said that the man was standing behind her vehicle not allowing her to leave. She wanted to press charges for the man pushing her daughter.

Guyton, Kolic Helmey Road
Domestic dispute
Simple battery
Simple assault
Terroristic threats

The complainant told police that her former boyfriend, who she shares a child with, came to her residence to bring their child some milk. She stated that when he arrived, she was in the bathroom giving her child a bath. An argument ensued over the custody of the child for the weekend, where he told her that he would drown her in the bathtub for not allowing the weekend visitation. She told him to leave and followed him to the door. She called his probation officer, and when he heard this he slapped the phone out of her hand. He then grabbed her and pulled her down the steps of the residence. She then stated that he left the area in a red Ford Explorer.

Rincon, Woodland Drive
Civil matter
Theft by conversion

An officer met with a woman in reference to a theft. The victim stated that a man had been hired to repair a roof and paint the residence. The woman said that the man told her he would need funds to get the supplies he needed to complete the work. She wrote him a $1,200 check. She stated that he has never made the repairs or painted the residence. She made contact with him on several occasions and he stated that he would be coming in a few days. She states that she had placed a hold on the check but removed it when the man said he was going to be there in a few days. The man still has yet to make repairs or paint.

Springfield, Highway 119 south
Domestic dispute

An officer met with a woman who stated that her husband got angry with her for improperly spending money. The woman stated that he was being very loud and she was tired of hearing him so she called the police. She stated that the man calmed down and went outside when she made the call. When the officer arrived, the man was outside standing by a storage building smoking a cigarette. The man admitted to getting loud and said that everything would be fine. The wife said that she should not have called the police and was not scared of worried about being alone with the man. Both people agreed to talk it over and remain calm.