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Incident reports
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Aggravated assault

An officer was dispatched to a fight at a home where a man was struck in the head with a stick and was now in possession of a shotgun, threatening to shoot the offender. The victim had a large gash that could be seen on the top of his head. The victim stated that another man approached him accusing him of burglarizing his house. He stated that during the argument, the man grabbed a large stick and struck him in the head with it causing the gash. He also had what appeared to be a broken wrist. He went back into his house and retrieved his shotgun and fired one round into the air. Upon speaking to the other man, the man stated he had some of the items that were stolen had been returned to him and that the people returning the items told him that they got them from the other man. He entered the other man’s yard and confronted him about it when the other man grabbed the stick. He then grabbed the stick and "may have" hit him in the head with it. He also stated that when he was on his way back to his house, the man shot at him. There was no evidence of the man shooting at him in the area near him.


Animal complaint

Miscellaneous complaint

An officer responded to a damage to property complaint where the complainant stated that he owns a trailer on Old Augusta Road and hasn’t received a payment from the tenant and that the trailer is damaged. The trailer appeared to be ransacked, and two dogs were living in less than favorable conditions. The officer observed feces and urine all over the floor and throughout the home and a strong odor of feces emitting from the open windows. The residence was not occupied by the tenant or any other persons. The humane enforcement was contacted. The trailer owner will contact the sheriff’s office when they have more information about the tenant.


Traffic violation/complaint

An officer initiated a traffic stop on Interstate 16 around mile marker 148. When the officer asked the man for his license, he looked around his truck but stated that he couldn’t find it in there. The man was nervous so the officer requested backup and asked the man to get out of the car. He then asked the man for his information, to which the man gave him his name and date of birth. The officer then returned to the car and ran the information that the man gave him. It did not match with what the man said and the picture that was under the name given was not the man who was driving. The officer also found out that the truck the man was driving had insurance but was not registered. The officer then searched the man’s truck and found several prescription bottles that had the man’s real name on them and also a work shirt with the same name. The officer also found the man’s wallet with his license. The man was put under arrest for driving while his license was suspended, improperly transferred plate and giving a false name and date of birth.


Criminal trespass

A woman told police that her daughter’s ex-boyfriend came to their door and spoke with her daughter. The daughter asked him to leave and they thought he did, but then he went to the back door and knocked repeatedly until the mother went to the door and told him to leave. She told the man that he was not welcome at their house. She then called dispatch. The ex-boyfriend was not at the door when officers arrived so the mother asked them to check the surrounding area. The officer found him hiding behind the house standing outside the window where the complainant was sitting. The officer asked him to get on the ground several times but he stayed where he was. Then the ex-boyfriend made an aggressive move toward the officer while he lowered his hands to his waist area so the officer used the taser on him. The man then complained of stomach pains, but when EMS showed up, he refused for them to look at him. He was arrested and charged with obstructing and hindering law enforcement, loitering and prowling.


Theft by taking

An officer spoke with a woman who stated that her grandson stole a bag of Skittles from the Dollar General. She said that he took the Skittles and ate them in the Dollar General’s bathroom. The grandson agreed that he did take the Skittles.


Criminal Trespass

While on patrol in the area, an officer observed a damaged mail box and trash can. There were tracks made by someone on an all terrain vehicle, possibly grabbing the trash can by its handle, pulling it along while riding ,and releasing, it causing it to crash into the mailbox. A witness saw local juveniles traveling up and down the road on several occasions but didn’t have a specific juvenile in mind.