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Sheriff reports for Feb. 28, 2024
police light


Emory Cox, SR 17, Guyton – patrol stopped initially for a disabled vehicle. Driver was found to have a probation warrant for his arrest.

Alejandro Enrique Rojas-Dias, Rahn Station Road/Milton Rahn Road, Rincon – Driving with a suspended license, driving a CRM without a license.

Barry Headrick, Corral Road, Bloomingdale – wanted person.

Aaron Polk – Bluff Drive, Bloomingdale – DUI, driving with a suspended license, criminal trespass.



Oetgen Road – a woman reported that a man who leased a dump truck from her was refusing to return the truck according to the lease agreement.

Ohoopee Avenue – a woman reported that she and her husband were potentially scammed by another man who offered to pour asphalt in their driveway for free, but then wanted $7,000. The parties later agreed on $2,000.

Jerrell Woods Road – a woman reported that she and her live-in male companion had been drinking and had a verbal altercation which became physical. Before deputies arrived, the woman reported that the man ran into the woods, possibly because he has an outstanding warrant for his arrest. Deputies searched but could not find the man; the woman added she had no idea of his whereabouts.

Hodgeville Road – deputies responded to the scene of a vehicle crash, but the vehicle had already by removed by a truck, according to the woman who made the initial call. According to evidence found at the scene, deputies determined an unknown vehicle had failed to stop at Kolic Hemly Road, crossed Hodgeville Road and striking two caution signs before stopping at the fence.

Greenbriar Drive – a woman reported that her husband changed the codes to enter their residence so she could not enter to retrieve her belongings. The couple is in the process of getting a divorce. The woman stated she had not lived in the residence for the past six weeks.

Hwy 80 and Sand Hill Road – a passerby reported a man and a woman arguing on the side of the road.

Gleaston Way – a woman reported that her sibling began arguing with her and threw a lighter at her.

Wild Rose Drive – a woman reported that her boyfriend was physically assaulting her and forcing her to drive him to Jacksonville. The woman drove as far as Brunswick where she pulled into a Parker’s and asked the cashier to call 9-1-1. Brunswick Police removed the boyfriend from the car and advised the woman to make a report with her local police department.

Stilwell-Clyo Road/Whitaker Road – patrol issued citations to four individuals riding four-wheelers and dirt bikes illegally on the street. The vehicles were towed from the scene.

McCall Park – the county parks and rec director reported that one of the bathroom doors had been significantly damaged. The director said the cost to repair the door could be around $1,500 and he will look for security footage.

Midland Road – a man reported that a customer demanding a refund for work said he would “destroy his life, his family’s life and his business” if he didn’t get a refund.

White Bluff Drive – a woman reported that she was scammed with 19 charges on her bank account totally about $700.

Old Louisville Road – a woman reported that a dog belonging to a neighbor killed her father’s chickens and injured the rooster.

Harmony Drive – Officer responded to a call of two adult females fighting

Myrtlewood Drive – a man reported that his neighbor continuously trespasses on his property.

Richmond Drive – a woman reported that her husband left with her purse, ID, and personal belongings so she couldn’t leave the house.

Wheelstone Way – a woman reported that she was scammed via email to purchase $1,000 in gift cards.

Gateway Parkway – officer responded to a forklift fire in a building. Fire Dept. also responded to extinguish the fire. No injuries.

Magnolia Place – a woman reported that her bank account was receiving refunds for items she was not aware. She believes it’s part of a fraud scam and filed a report.

George Road – a female driver was cited for driving without insurance.

Quail Run Circle – a man reported that he was the victim of a scam via Facebook.

Goshen Road/Barrington Road – a man reported that the male driver of another vehicle threatened him while stopped behind a school bus.

Hwy. 21 S – Officer responded to two male juveniles fighting at ECCA. Both juveniles were picked up by their guardians.

Bay Road/Old River Road – Officer responded to a vehicle fire. Fire Dept. also responded. No injuries.

First Street Ext. – a man reported identity fraud. A police report was required to allow the company involved to move forward with rectifying the situation.


Springfield Police Reports


Richard Scott, Old Dixie Highway, possession of marijuana and cocaine.


GA Hwy. 21, Springfield – a male employee of a truck stop reported that another employee was harassing him.

GA Hwy. 21, Rincon – an employee of a fast-food restaurant reported that a customer became argumentative when his order would not be corrected through the drive-thru and he had to come inside to receive it.