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Sheriff Reports for March 27, 2024
Police lights


Gilberto Chacon Narvaez, Blue Jay Road/Hodgeville Road – Driving while unlicensed, obscured license plate.

Wenday Machado Ortega, Goshen Road/Hwy. 21 S – Failure to obey stop sign, driving while license is suspended or revoked.

Mark West, Zeigler Road/Deerfield Road – failure to obey stop sign, obstruction of law enforcement officer.

Tommy Bishop, Hwy 21/9th Street – Refusal to sign traffic citation.


Citations issued

Syreeta Wells, Sandhill Road/Murray Hill Road – Speeding in excess of posted speed limit, driving without insurance, driving with suspended license.



Chourre Lane – a man reported that an unknown person hit and knocked down his mailbox while he was gone. A neighbor was able to give the officer a description of the car. The officer was familiar with the car from a previous stop. After confronting the owner of the car and informing the complainant, both parties agreed the owner of the car would cover the costs of replacing the mailbox and post.

ECSO office – a woman reported that another woman was harassing her boyfriend by phone and social media.

Dailey Drive – a man reported that his wife wanted him to move out.

White Bluff  Drive – a man reported that two white men unknown to him were trespassing on his property and asking to repair his roof.

Frank W. Dasher Lane – a man reported that an Amazon delivery driver was speeding down the dirt road. The man parked his golf cart in front of the delivery van so it couldn’t leave until law enforcement arrived.

Lord Effingham Drive – a man reported that he wanted his son to move out of the house because, “he does not contribute to anything.”

Chimney Road – a man reported that his live-in girlfriend became angry with him over a comment he made regarding a photo on a Facebook post.

Redmond Road – a man reported what he thought was a bullet hole and a bullet lodged in the side of his house. Upon investigation by CSU, it was determined to not be a bullet, but a pellet from a .22 caliber air gun. Dispatch informed the officer there had been 12 discharge of firearm calls in that area since late January.

Old Tusculum Road – a man reported that when he returned from work, a small dog was on his porch that appeared to have been shot with a BB gun. The dog subsequently passed away. It is unknown who owned the dog or who shot it.

Ebenezer Road – a man reported he heard an explosion and saw flames from an area where he knew another man was living in a camper. The second man explained he was pouring gas into a generator and also poured some gas on the ground to start a fire because he was cold. The gas ignited the generator, which caused the explosion. The fire department extinguished the fire. The camper was a total loss.

Bluff Drive – a man reported that multiple hogs were loose in his backyard and damaged his futon. Officer investigated and did not locate any hogs in the area.

Quail Run Circle – a woman reported that an unknown person spray painted graffiti on her house.

Oak Drive – a woman reported that two other persons stole a 2001 Chevy Silverado that was being stored on her property.