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Sheriff's reports
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May 2
Incident: Sale, manufacture of certain controlled substances, possession of controlled substance on or near school property, disrupting public school, drug investigation
City: Guyton
A teacher at South Effingham High School reported seeing two juveniles exchange money and pills. One of the offenders said he found two pills in the restroom and kept them to sell them. The pills were determined to be hydrocodone, a schedule II narcotic. Juvenile justice was advised to detain the juveniles for transport.

May 3
Incident: Terrorist threats, miscellaneous complaint
City: Guyton
A parent informed officers that someone wrote and passed around a letter in his son’s class. The note stated that his son was going to shoot two girls and blow up the school. Two students retrieved the note and gave it to the principal. The parent called the FBI, who instructed him to make a report to the sheriff’s office.

May 4
Incident: Criminal damage to property in second degree
City: Springfield
Two offices at Georgia-Pacific were entered and damaged. In addition, someone had tried to bust the lock on the vending machines in the break room. Someone also tried to open the vault door. The scene was released to detectives.
May 10
Incident: Burglary
City: Springfield
Georgia-Pacific’s payroll office was burglarized. Offenders poured sugar and water over computer keyboards, a printer, several office chairs and some adding machines. Forensics experts processed the scene.

May 10
Incident: Armed robbery, aggravated assault, possession of a firearm
City: Springfield
Two offenders approached the complainant inquiring about a lighter. When he handed the lighter over, one of the offenders pulled a small handgun and pointed it at the complainant’s chest. The men tried to rob him, but the complainant refused and was punched as a result. As others approached, the offenders ran off. The complainant went to the hospital and was given a case report number.

May 10
Incident: Aggravated assault, possession of a firearm or knife while committing a crime, armed robbery, criminal attempt
City: not listed
The complainant was attacked while checking his car brakes near Clyo Kildare Road. He was told to hand over his money and when he refused one of the offenders attacked him with an unknown object. The complainant drove to the hospital. The incident was turned over to investigators.