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Sheriff's Reports
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July 31
Incident: Damage to property
City: Rincon
The complainant reported that she hit a manhole that was sticking out of the ground. The road appeared to be caved in a little around a manhole. Upon the car hitting it, both air bags deployed, the transmission dropped and the windshield cracked. The victim was given a case report number.

Aug. 4
Incident: Burglary/Criminal trespass
City: Springfield
The complainant brought someone to look at a house he was trying to sell. Upon arrival he noticed someone had punched holes through a section of siding and sprayed some red paint on the side of the house. When they opened the front door the inside was greatly destroyed. A majority of the glass fixtures and two windows were broken. The sheet rock was damaged and several pieces of furniture had been destroyed. Several cabinet doors and the glass in them were damaged. Words were written on the wall. The detective was notified and crime scene responded to process the scene.

Aug. 8
Incident: Battery
City: Rincon
When the complainant went to feed his father’s dogs, he noticed several power tools and other items placed near the door, as if someone was about to load them up. He proceeded to feed the animals. However, as he bent down to clean the area, someone struck him on the side of his face near his right eye with an unknown object. The blow stunned him for a short time and afterwards he attempted to chase the subject through the back of his father’s property toward the river. He was advised a report would be on file.

Aug. 9
Incident: Criminal trespass
City: Springfield
The pit bull terrier of the complainant was found dead after two former animal control officers called the office and reported that the dog had warm water and was panting heavily. When the complainant arrived home the two individuals left quickly. He found the dog’s water dish empty and the garden hose had been dragged from his house out to where the dog was located. The complainant believed that his dog was soaked with the water hose and that this led to his death. The officer contacted animal control and warrants for the two former employees may be obtained for cruelty to animals.

Aug. 10
Incident: Leaving the scene of accident/aggressive driving/aggravated assault
City: Springfield
The complainant spotted his repossessed dump truck traveling east on Midland Road. He then pulled into the westbound lane beside the truck and told the driver to pull over. The offender then crossed over the line and collided with the complainant’s passenger side rear panel. This caused the complainant’s car to turn sideways in Midland Road. The offender then pulled the dump truck over to the southside of Midland. The complainant got out of his car and approached the offending driver. When he reached the driver’s side door, the driver put the truck in reverse and struck him intentionally with the front fender, knocking him down. The offender left the scene. The complainant was taken to Memorial Health University Medical Center by EMS. He was given a case report number.

— Compiled by Ralna Pearson