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Sheriff's reports
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Aug. 22
Incident: Possession/
Use of drug related object
City: Springfield
Two individuals placed an unknown object into the flower bed on the courthouse steps. A courthouse employee went and retrieved a glass tube smoking device from the same area. The employee informed an officer of her discovery and pointed out the two individuals. The officer confronted the offenders. However, they denied placing the device in the flowerbed.  

Sept. 12
Incident: Battery
City: Rincon
The complainant was at the back of the bus approaching the front when she came to a student whose leg was in the aisle. When asked to move his leg the juvenile refused. The complainant moved it for him to which the juvenile cursed her and began kicking her. He then ran to the back of the bus. The second complainant tried to calm him down to no avail. The offender became violent again and tried to open the bus door. He had to be physically restrained in a seat.

Sept. 19
Incident: Battery
City: Springfield
The victim was loading bus No. 410 when a juvenile offender punched her in the face with a closed fist.

Sept. 22
Incident: Theft by taking
City: Guyton
Two destitute looking males driving a blue Nissan stole approximately $20,000 in electrical wire.  

Sept. 23
Incident: Criminal trespass
City: Guyton
The complainant was grilling in his backyard when two ATVs came around a pond onto his property. He confronted the drivers about being on private property. They were told to leave and never return. The complainant has the offenders on video. He was given a case report number.

Sept. 25
Incident: No drivers license/impeding flow of traffic
City: not listed
Officer noticed a car driving very slowly in the right hand lane. The driver then switched to the left lane. The officer conducted a traffic stop after the driver moved back into the right lane. The driver did not have an American license, only a foreign one. He was placed under arrest without incident.

Incident: Driving away without rendering payment for fuel
City: Rincon
An employee of a convenience store noticed a male at the gas pump cleaning his windshield. When the employee turned around for a minute and then looked back the male drove away without paying for his gas. An employee followed the male long enough to attain his license plate number.

Sept. 26
Incident: Battery
City: Springfield
The victim was standing by his wife’s car when one of three alleged offenders called him to come over. As the victim began to talk to the group, one of the offenders mentioned something about a female they both knew. Then one of the offenders hit the victim in the head. As he tried to leave, he was brought down to the ground, hit and kicked by all three men. The victim’s left eye was nearly swollen completely shut and he complained his head hurt.

Incident: Driving on roadway laned for traffic/Tag light requirements/possession of marijuana
City: Rincon
While on patrol the officer noticed a vehicle traveling in front of him with a non-working tag light. While trying to close the distance between the cars, the vehicle crossed over the fog line several times and almost stopped in the middle of the road once. The officer initiated a traffic stop and found the driver extremely nervous and fumbling around her car. She claimed she ran off the road to avoid an approaching ambulance despite the highway being divided by a median. A faint odor of alcohol was detected. The officer’s canine led to marijuana on the passenger side.