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Third suspect in Lowe’s robbery and assault arrested
Takyah Berry

Special to the Herald

Takyah Berry, 22, who eluded capture and arrest since the June 25 robbery at the Rincon Lowe’s, was arrested and booked into Effingham County Jail on Sept. 7, the Rincon Police Department posted on its Facebook page Sept. 12. Berry is being held without bond.

A Rincon public affairs spokesperson said Barry’s arrest was done in coordination with Savannah Police after SPD received an anonymous tip regarding Berry's location.

Berry faces multiple counts, including felonies for robbery and elder abuse; and misdemeanors for battery against an elderly person and wearing a mask or hoody in commission of a crime.

The victim is Lowe’s employee Donna Hansbrough, who attempted to stop Berry and two accomplices from shoplifting more than $2,000 worth of merchandise from the store. When Hansbrough attempted to stop the cart Barry was pushing, Berry punched Hansbrough in the face three times causing her eye to swollen and blacken. Because Hansbrough’s actions violated the company’s policy regarding shoplifting, she was initially terminated, but then reinstated after public outcry against Lowe’s.