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Donut Development LLC receives OK for rezoning, site plan
That’s a great tactic to be called Donut Development. We can’t turn down a donut development. I don’t know how that would work.
Mayor Ken Lee

 RINCON — Rejoice, pumpkin spice lovers! 

During Monday’s regularly scheduled Rincon City Council meeting, Donut Development LLC owner Jay Andrews said a Dunkin’ outlet is set to open on 12th Street this fall.

Andrews appeared before the council to request approval of a site plan for a commercial space with three units, including Dunkin’. Jersey Mike’s Subs and T-Mobile are set for the others.

The inclusion of T-Mobile required a zoning change (office commercial to general commercial). After agreeing to a zoning amendment, which came before the site plan received the go-ahead, the council peppered Andrews with a few questions.

Councilman Reese Browher asked, “Mr. Andrews, what is the time frame on this project?”

Browher, only slightly joking, said he receives more queries about Dunkin’ and Jersey Mike’s Subs than any other subject.

“There’s a lot of anticipation for it to be open,” he said.

Andrews answered with confidence.

“We are looking at about seven months,” he said.

Councilman Patrick Kirkland asked Andrews about traffic flow for customers who use the Dunkin’ drive-through.

“They will come in 12th Street and then they are going to turn left in from 12th Street at the back of the development, and they are going to enter the drive-through — what we call stacking — and people will enter the line ...” Andrews said.

Kirkland expressed additional concern after Andrews’ response.

“... there is an average stacking required and this site actually has (space for) two more cars than average for Dunkin’ in terms of stacking,” Andrews continued. “We feel like we have overaccomodated that.”

Andrews added an interesting tidbit.

“Seventy-three percent of Dunkin’s patronage is done before 10:30 in the morning,” he said.

After the council OK’d the site plan, Mayor Ken Lee joked with Andrews.

“That’s a great tactic to be called Donut Development,” he said. “We can’t turn down a donut development. I don’t know how that would work.”

Earlier in the meeting, the council approved a site plan for a 5,098 square foot expansion to Wal-Mart for online pickup.