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Effingham County Sheriff's Office reports
Aug. 29 edition
Aug. 17 Public Drunkenness A man who was suspected of harassment was spotted passed out inside of his vehicle. It was noted that he appeared to be intoxicated, and after nearly falling over, he admitted to being under the influence and was placed under arrest. A woman later said that the man had previously interrupted a party that she was at and tried to fight some of the guests before driving away. His vehicle was towed by a local wrecker service. The reporting officer was Tonya Hodges. Aug. 18 Simple Battery- Family Violence A woman stated that her mother and father got into a physical altercation over the lawn mower keys. During the fight, the father threw several items across the kitchen and threw the mother to the ground. The father, however, claimed that it had been the mother who pushed him in the kitchen. The woman supported the mother’s story and also noted that the father was drunk. He was swiftly arrested a short time later. The reporting officer was Robert Elliott Petitt. Aug.18 Criminal Trespass- Property Damage A man advised that an acquaintance had driven by his house and run over his mail box. He also said that the acquaintance’s estranged wife was staying with the man and that was likely the reason why the acquaintance ran the mail box over. The acquaintance, however, claimed that the incident was an accident. He was arrested a short time later for not stopping at the scene. The reporting officer was Robert Elliott Petitt. Aug. 18 No Insurance Driving While License Suspended or Revoked (Misdemeanor) A man was seen driving down the road in a vehicle that did not have valid insurance. A background check also revealed that his license was suspended for failure to appear, and he was swiftly arrested. His vehicle was towed by a local wrecker service, and the child in the car was picked up by her mother. The reporting officer was Karyn Witherington. Aug. 19 Wanted Person- Warrant Service Obstruction of Law Enforcement (Misdemeanor) A wanted woman was reported to be hiding out in her boyfriend’s house. The boyfriend was placed under arrest for refusing to give her location, and she turned herself in shortly afterwards. The man tried to break away from police while he was being arrested, but he was quickly subdued. The reporting officer was William West. Aug.19 Fleeing or Attempting to Elude Obstruction of Law Enforcement (Misdemeanor) Safety Belt Violation for 18-Year-Old and Older Driving While License Suspended or Revoked (Misdemeanor) Reckless Driving A man was spotted driving a vehicle that had been reported as stolen and not wearing his seat belt. He recklessly fled the area by driving behind a house and running from the vehicle. The passengers in the car confirmed that the vehicle was stolen and that the man had purposefully ran from police. The driver could not be located at the time, and the passengers were advised to turn him over if he turned up. The reporting officer was Loren Richard Scholes. Aug. 20 Domestic Dispute A man advised that he and his mother had gotten into an argument over his television and that she was trying to get him angry so that he would get arrested. The mother admitted to the argument but denied trying to get the man arrested. Both parties agreed to separate for the rest of the night. The reporting officer was Max Barber. Aug. 16 Child in Need of Services A woman stated that her son left their house on foot after the two got into an argument. She noted that he has a history of being disorderly. The son could not be contacted at the time. The reporting officer was Charles Loetscher. Aug. 17 Forgery- First Degree Information Report A woman stated that she and her husband received a bad check from a man who was trying to buy their bed. The couple were informed by that bank that the check was fake, and they were able to stop the sale. The man could not be contacted at the time. The reporting officer was Robert Elliott Petitt. Aug. 17 Simple Battery- Family Violence Cruelty to Children- Allow Child to Witness A man stated that his estranged partner had tried to take their child away from him and that she slapped him on the neck. The partner admitted to the incident, but she noted that the man’s roommate is always drunk and that she did not want the child to be around him. After the roommate provided video evidence of the incident, the partner was swiftly arrested. The reporting officer was Caleb Grovenstein. Aug. 15 Theft by Deception- Misdemeanor A woman advised that she had paid an unknown person over $100 to reserve a vendor spot at an event. She was later informed by the hotel where the event was supposedly happening that there was not an event scheduled and that she had been scammed. She was unsure as to who the person had been. The reporting officer was Christopher Cary. Aug. 14 Domestic Dispute A man stated that he and his girlfriend had gotten into an argument over the girlfriend’s cell phone. Both confirmed that the fight had not become violent, and they were advised to separate for the remainder of the day. The reporting officer was Karyn Witherington. Aug. 13 Domestic Dispute A woman stated that the father of her newborn had been verbally abusive toward her in the presence of the newborn. The father confirmed the argument but claimed that the woman had started. He agreed to not return to her residence. The reporting officer was Robert Elliott Petitt. Aug. 13 Abandoned Vehicle A vehicle that had been involved in a crash was seen unattended in the middle of the roadway. It was towed by a local wrecker service, and the owner was notified. The reporting officer was Karyn Witherington. Aug. 16 Driving While License Suspended or Revoked (Misdemeanor) Failure to Dim Headlights A man was spotted driving down that road with his bright lights on. He immediately admitted to not having a valid license and to being under the influence. He managed to pass a field sobriety test, but he was still arrested for not having a license. The vehicle was turned over to its owner. The reporting officer was Daniel Handshumaker.