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EPA updates status of air and water testing in Ebenezer
EPA Command Center
EPA Command Center on Ebenezer Road. (Photo courtesy of Nikki Carangelo.)

Special to the Herald

The Herald reached out to the EPA regarding its mobile command post monitoring the air and water around the DRT plant and received this response on Feb. 7.

“The EPA was requested by the GA Environmental Protection Division to help aid in air monitoring and any support to determine if harmful chemicals are releasing into the community. The EPA placed four water samplers (ISCO drum samplers) in locations in the Ebenezer Creek, north of the industrial complex, from Log Landing Road toward Long Bridge Road. Water sampling has concluded and (we) are waiting for QA review.  

“The EPA has placed eight area RAE monitors to gather data of oxygen levels, ammonia levels, H2S (hydrogen sulfide, i.e. “rotten egg” odor) levels, CO (carbon monoxide) levels, LEL (Lower Explosive Limit) levels and VOC (volatile organic compounds). Air monitoring will conclude on Feb. 9. Data will be collected via VIPER telemetry system which will be collected inside the EPA MCP (Mobile Command Post). VIPER enables real-time transmission of data from field sensors to a computer and provides data management, analysis, and visualization.”