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Georgia teachers group backs Knight for U.S. Senate
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ATLANTA — The Georgia Association of Educators (GAE) endorsed Democratic candidate for U.S. Senate Rand Knight.

“The recommendation was based on (Knight’s) commitment to strengthen public education for 1.6 million Georgia children by opposing private school vouchers and tuition subsidies; improve the Elementary and Secondary Education Act; prepare students for jobs of tomorrow; protect and strengthen Social Security; reduce the cost of health care and improve access; and respect the rights of school employees as full participants in educational improvement efforts,” said Jeff Hubbard, president of the GAE.

Rand Knight, a Ph.D. ecologist and businessman, has a unique perspective on education issues, as he was raised by a mother who taught at Frederick Douglass High School in Atlanta. He has taught university classes, and he and his wife Linda are currently raising two young children.  

“I’ve seen the frustrations teachers face as well as the frustrations parents face,” Knight said. “Because of No Child Left Behind, teachers are required to ‘teach to the test’ and their classrooms are so underfunded, they need to buy their own supplies. These men and women are shaping our future, and the way they are being treated is unjust.”

“Additionally,” Knight continued, “how can parents, who need to work multiple jobs to make ends meet, be expected to take an active role in the education of their children?  Georgia’s schools, teachers, educational support professionals and children deserve top priority in policy decisions."

“I am, of course, both flattered and humbled by the show of confidence from the GAE,” Knight said. “When I get to D.C., I’m going to fight to bring the changes necessary to improve our public education system. Georgia’s students, teachers and families deserve to be represented by someone with the energy, enthusiasm and knowledge necessary to wear down the Republicans who have been thwarting family-friendly legislation for far too long.”

To read more details about Knight’s education proposals or the Green Deal please visit the campaign Web site —