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Guyton eyes putting police right next door to city hall
12.27 zipperer tv
Guyton City Council bought the old Zipperer TV store building earlier this year and has plans to put its police department there. - photo by Photo by Pat Donahue

The Guyton Police Department could be on the move to a new home that would make it more visible, city council members believe.

Guyton City Council discussed plans for the old Zipperer TV building it purchased earlier this year. The former store is adjacent to Guyton City Hall.

“We would like that to be the police department,” Mayor Michael Garvin said. “That would get it more visible.”

Guyton’s police department currently is on Magnolia Street, several blocks from city hall on Central Boulevard. City council members want to have contractors look at what’s feasible with the old Zipperer TV store and if the front part of it could be renovated to be used by the police department. They also want to know if the front part of the store and the back building could be linked.

“We want it to blend in with city hall,” Garvin said. “We have pretty much accomplished one of the major tasks with the police department. Now it’s time to make the next step.”

By putting the police department next to city hall, council members believe not only will it be easier to find, it will make it easier on residents and citizens stopping in for inquiries.

Alderman Brenda Lovett said she was stopped at the IGA by someone who wanted to know where the police department was. It took her a minute to figure it out and explain it, she said. If the police department were in the old Zipperer store, “I could just say, ‘It’s over there,’” Lovett said.

Garvin said the department would maintain a room over at the current police station once it moves into its new home next to city hall.