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Guyton water, sewer rates to rise
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Water and sewer rates in Guyton will be heading up soon.

City council members approved a water and sewer ordinance amendment that would increase the base water and sewer rates.

Under the changes, scheduled to take effect July 1, the base water rate for residential customers will rise from $15 to $18 for the first 2,000 gallons used.

For commercial customers, that increase will be from $30 to $33 and for industrial users, it will be from $50 to $53 for the base rate.
Sewer rates also would increase, with the residential base rate going from $15 to $18. The commercial base rate of $25 would increase to $28 and industrial users’ rates would go up from $50 to $53.

Also included is a dramatic jump in the price to fill up a swimming pool. The price will jump from $55 to $200 for filling a pool from the city’s fire department.

“The cost of the firemen’s time, the fuel and the water weren’t getting covered,” Aldermen Jeff Lariscy said.

The cost for pools taking more than 15,000 gallons will be $300, under the revised ordinance.

The last increase in base water rates was 2007, according to Mayor Michael Garvin.