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Kindness Rocks Effingham County

Local residents have gotten their “rock” on this summer as they paint messages, pictures and positive words onto rocks and hide them around the county for others to find.

In the newest sweeping craze in America, kids (and parents) are painting rocks and hiding them in a way to spread joy, positivity and creativity to others.

If you have yet to find these rocks around Effingham County, be on the lookout – you’re bound to find one sooner or later.

The concept is simple: small rocks, usually about the size of a wallet and smooth to the touch, are painted with an image or a positive message. They are then coated with a sealant to keep the paint on the rock without chipping off and to protect from the elements (heat, rain, etc.) before being taken to a random location in the area and left for another to find.

Sometimes, the unpainted side of the rock will contain information about the group who painted the rock with instructions on how to find their Facebook group.

In Effingham County, the ‘Kindness ROCKS Effingham’ Facebook group is responsible for the majority of the hidden rocks in the area.

With over 800 members and counting, the group has created and hidden thousands of rocks.

According to the group’s Facebook page, they explain that the images of the rocks are ones that they have designed and that they give hints on where the rocks can be found.

“Our kids work hard on their creations and encouragement is encouraged,” Kindness ROCKS Effingham’s Facebook page says. “If you find a rock, please feel free to keep it! You can also relocate the rock you find again for others to find joy in hunting!”

Local businesses, parks and other areas are ideal for rocks to be hidden and found.

To find out how to participate, go to Facebook and search Kindness ROCKS Effingham.