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Know the rules for outdoor burning in Effingham County
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The outdoor burning restrictions are:

• Any outdoor burning, except for outdoor cooking must be permitted by Georgia Forestry. This can be done by calling 754-6932 or 1-877-OK2-BURN.

• Weather conditions are subject to change, so please before you burn call 754-6932 and verify that your permit is still valid.

• You can only burn natural materials and yard debris from your yard such as: leaves, limbs and trees. Household garbage, furniture, tires, plastics or metals are not permitted to be burned.

• When burning outdoors never leave your fire unattended, always have some means of extinguishing your fire near you such as: a garden hose, buckets of water, garden tools or a fire extinguisher.

• There should be a safe distance from any structure or property lines as well as power lines.

• There is no burning on Sundays.

• All burn piles must be completely extinguished one hour before sunset.  

• Any illegal burns may be subject to county fines.