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Marietta child molestation case leads to Effingham County
Andrew Jordan Pendleton
Andrew Jordan Pendleton

RINCON — A child molestation investigation in Cobb County has branched into Effingham County.

Detective Mark Erion of the Marietta Police Department said Thursday that evidence collected on a pair of telephones owned by Rincon’s Andrew Jordan Pendelton have been shared with the Effingham County Sheriff’s Office. 

Pendelton, 23, was arrested in Marietta last month after allegedly driving there to engage in sexual activity with a 13-year-old boy. He was taken into custody in the driveway at the boy’s residence.

Effingham County Sheriff's Office Investigators Joe Heath and Abby Brown are probing Pendleton’s activities locally.

 “Oh, definitely,” Erion said when asked if charges will be filed against Pendleton in Effingham County. “He had access to a lot of kids. It is horrible.”

Erion said Pendleton gained access to children through volunteer work a Marietta church. A former Kennesaw State student, Pendelton previously worked in child care at a Rincon Church.

“He is a wolf in sheep’s clothing,” Erion said.

A bond hearing is set for Pendleton on Tuesday.