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Mayor Lee to seek re-election
City Slate

Mayor Ken Lee has announced that he will be seeking re-election this year as the Mayor of Rincon, a decision that will have him running against Rincon City Council member Christi Ricker.

On Monday, Susie Davis, Campaign Chair for Lee’s reelection campaign, sent out a press release announcing the decision.

“Rincon’s landscape is much different than 12 years ago when Ken Lee began his first term as Mayor.

Through leadership built on a foundation of integrity, the issues that restricted our city’s growth have been resolved. In addition, numerous other projects have been accomplished while being financially responsible.

The vision and outlook for Rincon remains positive as Ken vows to maintain Continued Progress Through Leadership.

Current council members, Ann Daniel and Levi Scott along with Jerome Erwin will work with seated council members to continue building your city, Rincon and be accountable to you for the job you elected them to do. 

Ann Daniel and Levi Scott have served on the Rincon City Council in addition to serving in other civic organizations.

While Jerome Erwin is new to the council ballot, he serves the City of Rincon on the Zoning and Planning Board.

Under the leadership of Mayor Ken Lee, Rincon placed first as the best place for young families in 2015 by Nerd Wallet.

“This is just the beginning of Rincon’s Continued Progress Through Leadership with Ken Lee as Mayor and Council Members, Ann Daniel, Levi Scott and Jerome Erwin.”

Erwin will be running for the seat vacated by Ricker due to her running for the position of Mayor of the City of Rincon.