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McKinney named honorary chair of Taxpayer Receipt effort
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LYONS—Ray McKinney of Lyons, the 2010 Republican nominee for Georgia’s 12th District congressional seat, has been named honorary chairman of One Nation PAC’s grassroots initiative to pass the Taxpayer Receipt Act.

Just as you get a receipt when you shop for virtually everything you buy, under the Taxpayer Receipt Act, you would get one for the federal taxes you pay each year.

“The federal government spends over $3 trillion every year on literally thousands of programs,” said McKinney. “Most Americans pay their taxes but never see where their money is going. We wouldn’t leave a store without a detailed receipt after making a purchase, and it only makes sense that the government should let us know where our tax dollars are going.”

McKinney pointed out that under the Taxpayer Receipt Act, co-sponsored by Sen. Scott Brown (R-Mass.) and Bill Nelson (D-Fla.), each taxpayer will receive an itemized one-page receipt after paying their yearly income tax.

“The receipt will show the amount of debt owed by each person: interest on the national debt, social security, Medicare, Medicaid, national defense, education, veterans benefits, environmental protection, foreign aid, and Congress,” said McKinney. “There will also be a website with more detailed information on the programs not included on the one-page receipt.”

The Taxpayer Receipt Act has bi-partisan support in the Senate, and the co-sponsors are members of the Senate Finance Committee, which will consider the bill.

“I am very pleased that Ray has agreed to work with us to garner grassroots support for this very important legislation,” said One Nation PAC Executive Director Kelly Eustis. “Not only did he campaign for Congress with his message of cutting government spending and taxes, Ray was Tea Party before there ever was a Tea Party and was instrumental in its creation on both a national and local level.”