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New school employees attend orientation

Over 200 new employees of the Effingham County School System walked through the doors and hallways of Ebenezer Middle School Tuesday morning for New Employee Orientation, an all-day affair that introduced the new employees to the school system and its guidelines.

Beginning at 8 a.m., the new employees walked through the doors of Ebenezer Middle School in Rincon and signed in before meeting in the gymnasium for the beginning of orientation.

For the first hour, the new employees met with and heard from Connie Carter, who gave the New Teacher Induction, Susan Hartzog (Director of Human Resources) and Lori Dasher (Coordinator for Human Resources).

Dr. Randy Shearouse, Superintendent for Effingham County Schools, welcomed all the new employees before an attorney with the Professional Association of Georgia Educators (PAGE) went over the rules and regulations of being a school employee, as well as went over how to obtain legal counsel through PAGE if ever needed.

After a short break, the new employees returned to the gymnasium and heard from Dr. Yancy Ford, Assistant Superintendent for Effingham County Schools. Jeff Lariscy (Information Technology Coordinator) followed Dr. Ford’s comments and spent a few minutes discussing the various technologies the employees will have access to.

Mark Rahn (Payroll and Benefits Administrator), Tamie Patnaude (Payroll Supervisor) and Luann Howell (Benefits Manager) went over the benefits and payroll with the new employees and explained how and when paychecks would be given out.

Following this, a door prize drawing was held with many new employees taking home prizes. The new employees heard from various school board members and were also given more time to explore the various vendor booths set up in the hallway, which were done by numerous businesses in the community.

A lunch was held for the attendees of the orientation with donations made by the Board of Education, including hamburgers and hotdogs prepared by Lamar Allen.