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Property assessment to hit mail soon
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Property assessment notices for 2007 are scheduled to be mailed by April 23.  This year the appearance of the notice has changed. The tax assessors’ office has heard complaints in the past about the notice layout and small print on the notice and has listened.  Instead of an 8x5 form, the notice will be letter size,  and the printing is large enough for most folks to read.  

More than 24,000 property assessments will be mailed.

Some of the feature changes is the notice date is in bold print and a new feature is the last day to appeal is not only printed on the notice but it is also in bold print.  The statement giving the taxpayer information on their right to appeal is in larger print and given in steps that are more understandable than the quote from the Official Code of Georgia Annotated.  

The new notice contains the same information as the previous notice with several new additions. The notice now has homestead code and you will see “YES” and a code printed or “NONE” if no homestead will be applied. The most frequent codes used are S1 for standard homestead, S3 for property owner age 62 who meet income requirements, 10 which applies to property owner 65 years of age or older who do not meet income requirements, and 13 for property owner age 65 or old who meet income requirements.

The tax district is printed and it will give the district number and state if your property is located in incorporated or unincorporated districts. Another new section that has been added gives a current year breakdown. This section separates the land value, non-land value which are buildings or improvements on the land if the notice is for real property; and inventory and equipment values if the notice is for personal property.  

The historic, conservation use or freeport exemption section is the exempted value applied to your property if you qualify for these exemptions. Finally, the net taxable before homestead exemption and HTRG Credit — Homeowner Tax Relief Grant, is the value on which your tax bill will be based. Change in this section is historic, conservation use or freeport exemptions have been deducted and this is your net taxable value before homestead exemption is applied.

A countywide re-evaluation has occurred for 2007. Land and improvement schedules have been changed. The sale price of property has continued to increase over the past several years and the schedules have not been updated since 2004. Georgia laws require all property to be appraised at the value which would be realized from the cash sale, but not the forced sale, of the property. The new schedules were developed using 2005 and 2006 sales which occurred in Effingham County.  

The Board of Tax Assessors urges you to check your assessment notice. Compare the prior year to the current year value; if you feel the current value is higher than the current market value of property in the area, appeal your value.
Appeals may be filed on issues concerning taxability, uniformity of assessment, value and denial of exemption. The appeal must be in writing and received by the Board of Tax Assessors by the last date to file an appeal as stated on the assessment notice.

When you receive your 2007 assessment notice, review the information contained in the notice. If you have any questions contact the Board of Tax Assessors office and the staff will provide assistance and supply information that was used in determining the value of your property