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Resignation leaves police department with one officer
Coppo;a and Hester
Interim Chief Joseph Coppola (left) and Officer Trey Hester III - photo by Photo submitted

GUYTON -- Officer Trey Hester III resigned his position Monday morning, leaving the Guyton Police Department with Interim Chief Joseph Coppola as its lone officer.

In June, July and August, Interim Chief Joseph Coppola and Hester combined to make one arrest and issue three citations. They didn’t write a warning ticket of any kind during that stretch.

Concerned about the lack of productivity, Steve Collins wondered aloud during the Sept. 10 Guyton City Council meeting if Guyton taxpayers might be better served if their police department was shut down. The Post 1 member said that residents aren’t getting a lot in return for the $238,000 they spend annually to have their own police force.