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Rincon City Council enlists truckers' help to shape ordinance
Rincon truck ordinance

RINCON — The Rincon City Council has downshifted again on a proposed ordinance amendment related to the keeping and storing of tractors, trailers and other heavy equipment in residentially zoned areas.

During its regularly scheduled Feb. 14 meeting, the council voted to retable the measure that it has been pondering for nearly a year. It was discussed during meetings April 26, 2021, May 10, 2021, Aug. 9, 2021, Dec. 20, 2021, and last month.

The restriction plan drew complete opposition from about three dozen truckers during a Jan. 19 roundtable gathering led by City Manager John Klimm. The council subsequently acknowledged their “valid” concerns and intends to continue to engage with them in an effort to create an amendment that is more suitable.

The council opted to form a committee that will include five or six truckers.

“We’ve got some options that we would like to consider in regard to this ordinance being different than what we are considering now,” Lee said. “It might be a little easier to address and a little easier to accommodate some of the folks who are being impacted. That’s what we would like to do at this point.

“We don’t want to consider to vote on this ordinance tonight as it is. We feel like there is another option that we can rework, continue to work on it and get it into a position where it might be a little bit better for everyone concerned.”

Klimm told concerned truckers, “In effect, what this would do is take off the table the issue of prohibition (of parking heavy equipment in residential areas). What is being discussed now is — how do you legitimately address community issues going forward without killing someone’s livelihood. We heard your message.”

 Councilman Levi Scott noted that some heavy equipment restrictions are necessary, particularly in subdivisions, because large trucks parked on streets create safety hazards.

“Once again, we are trying to ask you like we did during the community meeting, help us help the community,” Klimm said. “There are some issues that need to be raised. The council wants to address those issues without hurting anyone’s livelihood so we are asking you to partner with us so that we can address this concern in a responsible manner.”