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Rincon council gives final approval to budget
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The city of Rincon has approved an overall budget of more than $15.5 million for the coming fiscal year, encompassing all of its operations.

“We have been meeting a long time on the budget,” City Manger Wesley Corbitt said.

The city’s general fund budget will be $5.2 million. The utility funds budget stands at $7.1 million, and the special purpose local option sales tax budget will be $1.8 million.

“Of that $15 million, half of it is in capital outlays as we continue to grow the city and improve our infrastructure around the city,” Corbitt added.

Among the projects on tap for the city are sidewalks, stretching from the new Kroger project to Walgreen’s and the Rincon Post Office and along the other side from Lisa Street to the St. Joseph’s/Candler immediate medical center under construction. The city also will be working on its proposed lower Floridan aquifer well and on the headworks for the wastewater treatment plant. The city awarded the bid for designing the lower Floridan tank and well to HHNT for $103,915 and the headworks design to P.C. Simonton for $98,500 at its Dec. 14 council meeting.

The city has $6.1 million in cash on hand and expects to add a $2.1 million surplus. It will use about $1.45 million out of those reserves. Corbitt said the city will have $6.706 million in reserves at the end of the year.

The fire department budget will be $862,000, and the budget for Lost Plantation Golf Club will be $648,000. The city also will use $914,000 out of its cash reserves for the general fund.

The city also is projecting a $115,000 increase in salary and wages. The personnel budget for 2016 is about $2.7 million total. The city’s 65 full-time employees are eligible for a maximum 2 percent merit raise. The city also added four positions, with one to administration, two to the police department and one to the recreation department.

Total revenues for the city are projected to be $6.786 million, with $2.5 million in general fund revenues, $713,000 in SPLOST, $251,000 for fire and $3.31 million for utilities.

The city also expects to gain 3.3 percent in operating revenues.
“Over the last four or five years, we’ve had about a 50 percent increase in our revenues,” Corbitt said. “That’s really good.”

SPLOST funds will start out at $1.484 million and of the nearly $7 million pegged in capital projects, about $4.5 million will be spent on water and sewer improvements.

Corbitt said the city also may look at reallocating its sales tax percentages and put its spending distribution to where it was in 2006. Driving that is the conclusion of construction at Macomber Park.

“We don’t have any major rec projects out there, and we have don’t have any public buildings projects,” he said.

The 2016 fiscal year starts Jan. 1. The total of the city’s budgets for FY15 was $14.96 million.