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Rincon OKs personnel review policy
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Rincon City Council unanimously approved a list of 25 general policies during last week’s meeting.

In response to the city’s recent personnel issues within the police department, Councilman Ken Baxley presented city council with a list of general policies for their review.

“I just started compiling all the things we’ve been saying,” he said.

Council member Paul Wendelken pointed out that the items were necessary.

“Everything on here should be done anyway,” he stated.

Councilmen Levi Scott and Reese Browher agreed; however, Scott asserted that from now on before any policies are presented to council for approval, “they should be discussed in a workshop first.”

He made a point to say he was OK with the policies and moving forward, but thought every councilperson should have the opportunity in the future to give input.

Browher, on the other hand, believed it might be best if they tabled the item. Wendelken said they needed to clarify the item concerning purchases made on a city credit card.

Some of the new general policies include:

• Mayor and council must be given the opportunity to give input in hiring new personnel.

• Only experienced police officers can be hired.

• All open records requests must be reviewed and approved by city attorney.

• Mayor and council must be notified of any employee disciplinary actions.

• Mayor and council must be made aware of any negative reports sent to the Peace Officer Standards and Training council.

In other business, those who participate in the recreational activities at Macomber Park will be able to enjoy sporting events without having to worry about safety.

Council approved spending $19,700 for a playground fence and netting around the fields.

“This is very important not only for the children that play out there but for the parents as well,” Wendelken said.

The elected officials also approved the $25,000 purchase and installation of a sky-runner and zip ride for the 7th Street and Veterans playgrounds.

“In addition to being something a little different, it’s also for older kids and would free up more space for kids out there,” said George Foley, Rincon’s recreation department director.

Council also approved a $10 increase in registration fees to help offset the cost of uniforms for the individual players. The increase will affect outside teams as well.