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Rincon voters approve Sunday package sales

Residents of Rincon will now be able to purchase packaged wine or beer on Sundays after the measure was voted on and approved on Election Day Tuesday with 77 percent in favor.

The election saw 79 percent of eligible voters in Rincon turn out to vote, a number that had not been reached since 78 percent turned out in 2004.

The Sunday sales will go into effect in 30-40 days.

Along with this, nearly 75 percent of voters in Effingham County chose President-Elect Donald Trump. 57 percent of voters approved an extension of the penny-per-dollar sales tax – the Special-Purpose Local-Option Sales Tax (SPLOST) will raise $70 million in its next five-year round and put $31 million towards improving county roads.

Voting numbers for Effingham County are as follows: for President of the United States, 17,685 (76 percent) voted for Donald Trump and Mike Pence, 4,851 (21) voted for Hillary Clinton and Tim Kaine and 679 (three percent) voted for Gary Johnson and Bill Weld; for SPLOST, 12,925 (57 percent) voted yes and 9,803 (43 percent) voted no; for Rincon Sunday package sales, 254 (77 percent) voted yes and 76 (23 percent) voted no; for Constitutional Amendment No. 1, 9,438 (41 percent) voted yes and 13,499 (59 percent) voted no; for Constitutional Amendment No. 2, 19,805 (87 percent) voted yes and 2,943 (13 percent) voted no; for Constitutional Amendment No. 3, 14,400 (68 percent) voted yes and 6,918 (32 percent) voted no; and for Constitutional Amendment No. 4, 18,651 (83 percent) voted yes and 3,827 (17 percent) voted no.