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Springfield approves $1.3 million budget for FY2009
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The Springfield City Council unanimously approved its 2009 budget.

The general fund expenses for the year are budgeted as:
Administration     $201,698.96
Police department     $421,170.01
Court department     $98,245.97
Fire department    $84,432.72
Streets/lanes    $261,702.50
Parks/recreation    $42,245.62
City buildings    $15,900
Events    $17,800
General government    $181,183.48
Building/zoning    $9,450
Total expenditures    $1,333,829.26

The water/sewer fund has a budget of $1,191,074. The sanitation fund has a budget of $156,000, and the SPLOST expenditures are budgeted at $392,000.

The council also approved for Mayor Barton Alderman and City Manager Brett Bennett to be able to sign documents for the GEFA loan for the water line project that is currently under way.