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A taste of the big time
Rincon restaurant to be featured in Gloria Steinem biopic
Big South Bar-B-Que, located at 202 E. 4th St. in Rincon, is owned by Shawn and Sallie Scott. - photo by Mark Lastinger/staff

RINCON — Big South Bar-B-Que Co. is about to sink its teeth into a mouth-watering opportunity.

The new restaurant at 202 E. 4th St. will be used in the filming of “The Glorias,” a biopic about feminist activist Gloria Steinem. It stars Bette Midler and Julianne Moore.

“The whole scene, as I understand it, is that this is supposed to be a roadside micro bar in the Dakotas,” Scott said. “A bus pulls up and (Steinem) gets off and comes inside, and things transpire from there.”

Shawn Scott, co-owner of Big South Bar-B-Que Co. with his wife, Sallie, has seen a mock-up of what the restaurant will look like for the movie. He thinks its will be called “Boondocks.”

“They may take our sign down out front and make some aesthetic changes but then they will put it all back,” he said. “They said it will take about three or four days between the build-up, tear-down and actual shooting (on Jan. 28).”

When asked if there might be a fight scene involving the bikers, Scott said, “I don’t think so but you never know with bikers. Right?”

Word of the restaurant’s movie potential was spread by barbecue-stained mouths.

“A construction crew was doing some work ahead of (another movie) and found us,” Scott said. “They ended up eating here about two or three times a week for six weeks. Apparently, they went back and, through the grapevine, a location scout from Savannah heard about it. He heard it was a nice, quaint little place so he came to scout it out, got some food and eight or 10  visits later they are shooting a scene from ‘The Glorias’ here.

“It’s pretty exciting.”

The Scotts fed 40 members of the crew from “The Glorias” last week. The group included several vegetarians.

“I asked one of the big wigs in the group, who is from Austin, Texas, and had been here one time before, how the brisket was. She said, ‘Oh, it was fabulous. Everything was great and that meat was so good that even the vegetarians were scraping the plate.' That’s pretty good right there!”

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