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Uzupan runs for love of the city
10.21 Tim Uzupan
Tim Uzupan - photo by Photo by Sandi Van Orden

Tim Uzupan is running for Springfield City Council because of his love for the city.

He was raised in Effingham and moved to Springfield in 1982. He has served on the council previously.

“Springfield is just a great place to live,” Uzupan said.

He said he has stayed in the city because of the good people and good friends who live there.

“Kids can play,” Uzupan said. “People walk through the city in the evening.”

He said the city is safe and Police Chief Paul Wynn is doing a wonderful job.

“It’s nice to know who the police officers are,” Uzupan said

He said another draw to the city is the history. The charm and character of the city have remained.

Uzupan said he decided to run for election to contribute to the city that he lives in and cares for.

“I didn’t realize there would be such a fine field of candidates,” he said. “It’s good to see so many take an interest.”

He said he knows and is friends with almost all of the other candidates, and feels that the city will be in good hands no matter who is elected.

He said there is no “anti issue” he is running on.

“I want to contribute if people want me to,” Uzupan said.

Uzupan said if elected, he would like to see the city continue to work on water and sewer issues, getting the truck traffic off Laurel Street and would like to see a new playground built in south Springfield.

“The city just bought a track of land for a spray field. I think that’s a good thing,” Uzupan said. “We need good water, and a way to get rid of it.”

He said there are a lot of children, especially in the summer, who walk from the south end of Springfield to Ulmer Park, and he would like a playground closer to them so they do not have to cross busy roads.

“It’s not safe,” Uzupan said of the children crossing Stillwell Road. He said the city should start with something small and build on it later.

He said there is a need, like anywhere, to balance business and residential. Uzupan said there are times the city must do what is right even if it is not what is profitable.

He said he is glad the city is going to serve water to the schools on Highway 119, and it is a benefit to everyone that the city provides water.

Uzupan said it’s important for city officials to be able to work with county and state officials.

“If we’re all working together, and show the state a united front, we’ll get a better ear from the state,” he said.

Uzupan said he is a people person and is willing to compromise when needed to benefit the city. He said it’s important for officials to be willing to negotiate, as long as the city officials keep the best interest of Springfield as the top priority.

“I don’t take things personally,” Uzupan said.

He said there are times when those in public office are going to have people disagree with them, but when an issue is settled, it’s done.

“I don’t carry a hatchet around with me,” he said.