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Altered States of America
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As much as I don’t really care for her, I gotta hand it to Hillary Clinton for giving me the best darn laugh of the week.

I don’t blame her one danged bit for getting hot under the collar when asked what her husband thought about the economy.

“He’s not Secretary of State. I am. If you want to know what I think, I’ll tell you, but I am not going to ‘channel’ my husband.”

I have watched that little clip on YouTube several times because it is really funny, she was really perturbed, and the facial expressions are priceless.

I am sure she was ready to board a plane and get back home so she could throw her shoes across the room. Probably using some choice expletives when doing so, too.

Watching her dance with some of the locals was also pretty danged funny … dancing and getting down like a middle aged white woman…and then finishing off the dance by pressing palms upward … “Hollah” … too funny.

Next on the list: Baron Hill (D) of Indiana.

Tsk tsk tsk, Mr. Hill.

Remember Don Knotts (aka Barney Fife) in “The Ghost and Mr. Chicken?”

Well, that would be Rep. Hill now better known as ‘Mr. Chicken’.

Rather than face the throngs of constituents who want solid answers on the health care reform bill, he is dodging that big slimy bullet by having unannounced meetings and is considering a day-long series of one-on-one meetings or telephone call conferences.

Adding to his knocking knees and shaking rib cage before meeting with a small group of business people in Bloomington, he said, “I’m trying to control this event. What I don’t want to do is create an opportunity for the people who are political terrorists to blow up the meeting and not try to answer thoughtful questions.”

Who the heck is this dipstick trying to kid?

We’re talking about Bloomington, Indiana. Not San Francisco, or Los Angeles, or New York or Washington DC, but Bloomington. Indiana. Farm folk. Small town folk.

Note the key words he used: Control. Terrorists. Blow up.

Sounds to me like he is yet another politician who has completely lost touch with his base. When was the last time he actually went into the fray and asked people what they thought or what they wanted? Probably never.

Now that he’s doing it, it’s terrifying him to see the real face of the American people. People who are scared to death that health care is going down the toilet once and for all, Obama is waiting to just get the word and he will pull — or rather push — down the handle on the big white porcelain bowl that is health care as we know it.

Americans are angry. They have a right to be.

This health care plan is meant to encompass all Americans, not just the folks who currently have health insurance. This means that those who are already paying for it will have to pay more so that everyone else gets pulled in, meaning those who pay nothing and will still pay nothing.

Obama wants all the illegal immigrants (he calls them immigrants, but they are aliens  — they haven’t immigrated yet) to be taken into the health care fold. They should have access to it just like everyone else. Well, unless he’s been living under a rock for the last 10 years, they do have access to it. More than anyone else at this point.

Obama and some national groups are organizing foot soldiers and advertising dollars to buy television time in certain markets. They want to make sure they tap into the folks who want healthcare no matter who they get it from. There are way too many folks in this country who are hanging on to every word that comes out of Obama’s mouth that sounds like, “Don’t worry, I’ll take care of you, the rest of America be hanged,” because they are the ones who won’t work, who thrive on the welfare system, and who have lived for the government to step in and take over their lives no matter what it costs. Not that it will cost them much of anything, because Obama wants to “level the playing field” so that all Americans will live equally.

That isn’t the way this country was founded or what it was based on. If he wants to level the playing field, it will mean that anyone who is working will pay more in taxes so the skank neighbors can have a share of it.

Rep. Hill says that he told Obama: “You’re moving too fast on this. You’ve got to give people a chance to catch up.”

Oh, no. That won’t happen. If people had the chance to catch up and read the bill before anything is done on it, it would never pass. There are so many other things attached to the health care reform bill, little pockets of goodies stuffed in there that no one has yet to determine … but they are goodies that the middle class, and the middle class only, are likely to end up paying for.

I’ll be trying to read the bill myself before Congress gets to act on it. It might take me a couple of months, but I’m gonna do it.

There are too many things that are going wrong right now with what this administration is doing. TARP was the first of many to come.

If you aren’t “mad as heck and not gonna take it anymore,” you might want to rethink it.

Never forget, you have a voice.

Use it or lose it.