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Comparisons, year-to-date revenues excellent
Hill Jack
Sen. Jack Hill

While the November revenues came in slightly negative at -0.7 percent, comparisons to other states from October and Year to Date numbers continue to be outstanding.

Year to Date Revenues Year Over Year-July-October

Georgia                       8.8 percent

Alabama                     4.0 percent

Arkansas                     6.4 percent

Florida                        10.2 percent

Kentucky                    4.2 percent

Louisiana                    5.9 percent

Mississippi                  1.2 percent

North Carolina            7.2 percent

Tennessee                    4.6 percent

Texas                           -2.0 percent

Virginia                       4.5 percent

West Virginia              13.5 percent  

Georgia's year to date gain still healthy 6.9 percent

 Even with November's slight dip in revenues, the level of increase in revenues compared to last year continues to be robust, at 6.9 percent.  Total revenues for the month were $1.83 billion, decreasing $13.1 million.

Year to Date revenues total $9.66 billion, an increase of $619.4 million.

Individual income taxes down 2.4 percent

Inside this category, Refunds were up $4.8 million while Withholding Payments were down $10.9 million.  Individual Income Tax Returns were down $3.1 million.

Corporate Income taxes were up 11.9 percent with refunds up $3.4 million and Income Tax Returns up $3.8 million.

Sales tax — a bright spot

Adding to its streak, net sales taxes were up 4.9 percent on revenues of $488.7 million. Sales Tax gains reflect consumer confidence and should show strong improvement for this busy holiday shopping season, based on national data from retailers.

Other categories combined made no impact

Tobacco taxes were down -6.4 percent while Alcohol Beverages increased 9.7 percent. Tag, Title and Fees were up at 13.4 percent but Title Ad Valorem taxes were down at -4.4 percent.

Transportation-gasoline taxes/fees up 2.9 percent for November 

We track the excise taxes on motor fuel and the two fees since those revenues go straight to transportation. This month, Excise Taxes were up 2.5 percent, Highway Impact Fees increased $330,000 and Motel/Hotel Fees increased $820,000. Altogether Motor Fuel taxes and fees were up $5 million or about 2.9 percent.

Fiscal year numbers keeping pace

Overall, the figures show a healthy 6.9 percent revenue gain despite some slip in November. Total revenues stand at $9.6 billion, showing an increase of an impressive $619.4 million. Individual Income Taxes are growing at 7.6 percent and Corporate Taxes at 36.2 percent ahead of this same time last year. Net Sales Taxes are showing a very strong 7.1 percent increase. 

Other categories mixed

Tobacco Taxes are up slightly at 0.9 percent and Alcoholic Beverages are negative at -0.5 percent. Tag, Title and Fees are slightly positive at 1.6 percent while Title Ad Valorem Taxes are negative at -7.1 percent.

Fuel tax revenue staying on trend

Motor Fuel Excise taxes, Impact Fees and Hotel/Motel Fees all continue growing, a total of $862.2 million. This is an increase of $24.7 million or about 3.0 percent.

Despite special session

adjustment, making budget

With the adjusted revenue estimates for the Special Session in November, the state's revenue increases are still much ahead of budget. After five months of the fiscal year, revenues exceed the state's 2019 budget by some $276.3 million. 

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