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Crossing language barrier
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Upon moving to southern California, first thing we noticed was the diversity of cultures. In our neck of the woods, it is predominately Asian. There is still a large population of  Wonderbreads, but the most significant non-Caucasians are Asian. Remember when they used to be called “Orientals”? It’s now only p.c. to use when referring to rugs.

So, a couple of Sunnybuns’ classmates were scootering by the other day when he caught sight of them from the patio. He called them over and they came in. Sara is in his class, as is Shireena. Lexi is the younger sister to Sara. Sara and Lexi’s mom came running up behind them, and her name is Carrie. She came to the U.S. 19 years ago from Taiwan to attend college.

Carrie’s English is very good, even with a heavy accent.

Carrie’s husband is half Greek, half Wonderbread, but he is more or less a homegrown California boy.

She says she no longer speaks Chinese at home because her mother in-law protested, thinking the girls would grow up speaking only Chinese. Sara can speak a little Chinese and a little Greek, Lexi sticks to English. Shireena, the friend, is half Persian, half German. Lovely little gal.

We’ve seen them just about every day over the past week, and its been a lot of fun on both sides of the fence. Sunnybuns is starting to feel a bit “weird” hanging out with girls. He has never really had the opportunity to do so because the girls who were in his class at the last school were just mean little turds.

These girls, however, are quite delightful. Funny, bright and very active.

So now that we are becoming more familiar with them, they are getting very comfortable coming over here to hang out, as is Carrie. She and I have shared similar horror stories about our kids and their experiences with being bullied (believe me, it’s everywhere … just ask your kids), and that has given us a special kinship.

Having dragged you through this long intro leads me to yesterday’s little event.

Carrie and I were walking down the path toward her car when she said, “I am nah sho how to say it, bah you husban remine me of someone…”

I was all set to say, “Richard Gere!” because that’s who Hubs thinks he looks like. Seriously. Furreal.

Instead I said, “Really? Who?”

She giggled and said, “Well, I can’t think of the name … those guys who do the comedy. They ah foh of them … do you know who I mean?”

I was totally blank. Four guys who do comedy. Nope. I know the Three Tenors. I know Whoopie, Billy and Robin. I know the Three Stooges. But four guys? I was drawing a big ol’ “duh….”

She said, “You know the guys … you mussah seen them … my husban think they are very funnee … they all tell joke … an I think they from the South…”


“You mean the Redneck Comedy Tour or whatever it’s called?”

She grinned from ear to ear. “Yes! Yes! You husban remine me of one of those guys.”

“Uh-oh,” was my first thought. I could be married to someone who is linked to that group?

“Bill Engvall?” ’Cause he was the only one who popped into my head.

“No … th’otha guy … whas his name … he wear shirt cut off at the sleeve?”

I held my breath for a split second and grinned back at her.

“Larry…? The Cable Guy…?”

“Yes! Oh my Got! I tell my husban how much you husban remine me of him!”

I honestly … swear to God … laughed so hard I wet my pants. We were both laughing so hard I’m sure she must have done the same.

I walked back up the path to the house, thinking what a great bomb that was gonna be to drop on poor ol’ Hubs.

“Guess who Miss Carrie thinks you look like?” I asked, stepping into the kitchen.

He turned around and said with a big grin, “Richard Gere?”

Time to get real, dude.

“No … Larry the Cable Guy!”

He laughed almost as hard as I did.

I patted him on the shoulder.

"Well, look at it this way. Larry the Cable Guy mush yunga dan Risher Gere. Probably got moe money too!”

But if I hear him say “Git ’er done!” one more time….