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Doing the cancan-nabis
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 So, Prop 19 in sunny California was about legalizing marijuana once and for all. In California, that is.
Most other states still view marijuana as a “vile weed.” It is regarded much the same way now as it was back in the middle of the 20th century.
I don’t smoke pot, mainly ’cause I just don’t want smoke in my lungs, but I tried it a couple of times and all it did was make me feel numb.
And stupid. I never thought it was big deal, so I didn’t make it part of my daily routine.
I voted for it, mainly because I think it might be a nice change when I get a migraine.
“Hey Hubs... Light up a doob for me babe, I’ve got a headache...”.
Hubs actually confessed that he would probably smoke it if it was legal.
This is a man who has never smoked a cig or had a drop of alcohol.
Mary Jane, however? 
Oh yeah.
Boy wanna get his groove on with some wild weed, baby.
I know a couple of folks who have used it when dealing with cancer treatments, and they couldn’t do without it. I know “medical marijuana” is a different situation, but do they really think that more people will start smoking pot cause it’s legal? If they aren’t smoking it now, they probably won’t become “users.” Maybe some folks would try it once to see what it’s like, but I can’t imagine the whole state doing cartwheels ’cause they can buy weed!
The law was to allow local governments to have control over it, and only folks over the age of 21 would be allowed to purchase it. You would only be able to buy 1 ounce at a time, at the hefty price of $50.
Your employer could still test you for it and if it was in your system, they still had the right to boot your bottom off the workplace.
As you all are probably aware, the state of California is justthisclose to going down the toilet financially and is just barely clinging to the edge of the toilet seat by the rims of their fingernails.
Prop 19 was expected to fill the coffers of the state treasury to the tune of about $1.5 billion a year.
Mind you, they’re already in debt over $200 billion, so why not legalize the weed and create some jobs?
Hey honey, I’d open up a little corner store to sell weed, indeed I would.
Come in and get your ounce, and while you’re at it, check out my well-stocked shelves of all the munchies your stoned little hearts desire.
I mean, I don’t know if you can get stoned on an ounce of pot, I reckon most folks would try to make that ounce last as long as possible.
If they legalized it, it would open up a lot of cells in the jails and prisons so that the real criminals could finally be put behind bars.
Not some young kid selling pot to Granny down the street.
Imagine what effect legalizing pot would have on Bunco nights, scrapbooking parties, and quilt-a-thons?
Holy smokes, man, the ladies are lightin’ up on Tuesdays!
“Momma, did you have fun at your Bunco party?”
Momma giggles hysterically and says, “I got beat four games in a row, but I didn’t care. I ate a whole bowl of potato chips by myself and went at that ranch dip with a soup ladle!”
Lightin’ up to lighten up. 
I think the Democrats were afraid that legalizing pot would entice them to start smoking, thus losing their hard liberal edge.
“If we legalize pot, we lose control!”
I mentioned Prop 19 to my crusty old Democratic friend who has lived in San Francisco for almost 40 years.
“Jack, I voted to legalize marijuana. What do you think about that?”
I could hear his arteries turn to stone over the phone and he said, “I think it’s a huge mistake. We’re gonna have so many problems with those darned NRA idiots, and now they want to legalize pot so they can carry firearms and smoke grass? It’s almost as bad as alcohol.”
I literally fell off the couch cause I was laughing so hard.
To hear someone call it “grass” in this day and age was just too much.
And for him to knock alcohol? Trust me, this man would crack open a Heineken at 7 o’clock in the morning once he was retired.
I noticed he didn’t drink in the evenings.
“I have to get a good night’s sleep, so I don’t drink after 4 o’clock.”
Really? Smoke some dope, dude. You’ll sleep all night.
Alas, Prop 19 didn’t pass.
I’m sure Jerry Brown was disappointed, because the dude has been known to light up in the past. However, now that he is going to take over from Arnold, I’m sure he’s got to pass himself off as being mature and worldly.
He’s still an idiot, but he is mature.
Too bad about Prop 19 though, because I could really use it now that Barbara Boxer has been re-elected.
Wonder where I can find a local Bunco game...