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Good things going on
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A little good news about what is going on in Effingham is always welcome. And, yes, even in these trying times  there are good things going on all about you everyday if you will only stop “to smell the roses” as they say. This past weekend displayed Effingham at its best — many of you missed it — I’m sorry for you.

On Sunday morning at the Methodist Campground was the 130th annual Sunday school convention — and me and the other half joined the crowd for the event. There were probably 500 people there, which sounds great until you think about the fact that we have about 100 times that many folks in Effingham.

You know, folks there has to be something good and special about an event that is still going on after 130 years. Not only is long of life but it is a significant part of Effingham’s history. Besides that, it is the only one such event anywhere.

Not only does it give folks a chance to visit with neighbors and friends that we usually don’t see on Sunday mornings, because we all go to our separate churches.  But it more importantly speaks to the very special Christian heritage we have here in Effingham. Part of that heritage was there in the person of Mrs. Willie Tebeau, some 99 years young. Yes, she marched up and sang with her group from Holy Trinity.

Folks, take it from me, if you don’t mark this on your calendar for the first Sunday in May next year you are going to miss something that will help brighten your faith and make you feel good about the community and the country we live in.

The second thing that brightened the day on Sunday was a “newbie.” The Effingham Community Orchestra held their spring concert. OK, “so what,” you say.  Well, here’s what. This is a new organization in our county, put together less than two years ago. They range from high school students to some who are grandparents, perhaps. They play together because they have some musical talent and love to play. Lead by the indomitable leader, Andrea Huff. As one who loves music, but has no talent of my own, I’m always amazed when so many folks (44 in this group) can all play the same thing at the same time.

The only thing that has amazed me more in this line is when our school bands (there are high school band students in the group) strut their stuff by playing and do their fancy marching at the same time. When when my own children did such I was amazed.

Back to the orchestra, they preformed a beautiful patriotic program. They are using the Recreation Department gym as the site of their music. The gym makes a very accommodating facility. By my best count and estimate there were some 175 folks out for the concert, not including the musicians.

Folks, Andrea Huff and her fellow musicians have given us a community orchestra we can take pride in and what’s more they support themselves, seeking donations only. They deserve an audience of more than 175 people.  Lets’ support them with some contributions and with our attendance at their concerts.

Sunday was a beautiful day in more ways than just the weather —— the Sunday school convention provided a unique experience, the singing and the fellowship and the preaching did much to help us reflect on what a lucky people we are and certainly the afternoon band concert had to harken us back to maybe “better” and most assuredly simpler times. And, folks, all this just feeds the soul with good thoughts and feelings.

Back to the beginning there are good things going on. I’m sorry for you if you failed to take in these two events.