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Killing the fatted pig
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There was once a time when this country was proud of its cornfields, wheatfields, cotton fields and every other kind of field that grows from sea to shining sea.

Surrounding those fields were small towns.

Railroads ran in and out of those small towns, whistling through at all times of the day and night.

The sound of that whistle meant money.

It meant the small towns were prospering.

Sometimes people left those small towns to go find other small towns, in hopes of prospering more.

People started moving around on those railroads.

Then they started moving around in automobiles.

Pretty soon there were automobile dealerships in the small towns, and they also contributed to the life of the communities.

It was something that was making America greater than ever.

You weren’t over governed. You could move about freely. You took home a decent salary, even after taxes.

If your kid got sick, the doc would fix him or her up, and it might cost you five bucks.

Somewhere along the way, someone had a light bulb spring on and came up with the idea of forming … an insurance company. To provide you with guaranteed medical care.

What a crock.

Suddenly that little visit from the doc involved signing numerous documents and forking over what was left in the piggy bank … and maybe even the piggy out in the barn himself.

If you’re thinking you aren’t one of those people who says, “Remember when…?”

Think again.

Remember when there was a car dealership on every corner of town, right next to a church? Or better yet … remember churches?

Remember when cars ran on leaded gas, and suddenly there was a stop to that? Actually, getting the lead out was a good thing.

Remember when the backbone of our country would go underground for days to dig out coal so this country could run? Couldn’t run most industrial plants without coal. Lots of folks couldn’t heat their homes without coal.

Now there is talk of shutting out coal.

No more fossil fuels.

You want to drive your car more than 10 miles a day?

Get real. You will get taxed up the yang for it.

Your kid breaks an arm or a leg from falling out of a tree?

I hope you have a job. And a pig out in the barn, cause insurance is gonna cost you triple what it costs you now. Don’t think it won’t.

National health care? Are they serious? You know who will get national health care? I can betcha it won’t be me or you.

If there are three members in your family you’d better plan on having number 4, ’cause most federal guidelines look at a four-member family before they start tapping their pencils to see if you qualify for any freebies. If Grandma wants to move in, let her. You might need that extra body to qualify.

If you have any assets, better get rid of them. Hide your money under your mattress and not in a bank where they can pull all your info, cause they will.

“Did you pay taxes last year? We need to see how much money you made before we make a decision.”

I went to a clinic recently for my inner ear flare-up (I have Meniere’s … and it ain’t fun), and I told the receptionist I didn’t have insurance. I do, but our deductible is sky high. She asked how much money we made. I told her and she said, “Oh. I’m sorry. You don’t qualify for a price break.”

If I had waited a few more minutes, I’d have learned how to do it like the masters.

The illegal immigrants behind me stepped up to bat and got in for half of what I had to pay. Did it upset me? Yes. I wasn’t mad at them, I was mad at the system.

And to cap it off, the doctor didn’t even look in my ears. He merely looked me up on the computer, saw my history and wrote me a prescription. Two, in fact. One antibiotic and one for nausea.

The pharmacist whispered to me that the nausea prescription was 12 capsules for $140. I said, “Forget it. I’d rather vomit.”
The 40 caps of antibiotic were $18.

Thank God.

“Take two aspirin and call me in the morning. If you’re alive.”

The car dealerships that are having the rugs pulled from underneath them?

Just wait til those towns start drying up. They’ll be going the way of the railroad towns.

I think the Obama Administration is working hard to change this country. And not in a way that anyone is expecting.

There will be no more small towns, because the cost of living to make up for the TARP funds and the bailouts is gonna eventually kill people off.

We’ll end up starving to death because we won’t have enough money to buy food after the taxes we pay on everything. That is, provided we have jobs to pay those taxes with.

Obama says this clean energy bill they’re trying yet again to shove through at the cost of $1 trillion is going to create millions of jobs.

Really? How? How many people does it take to build a wind turbine? Three?

And what about the millions of jobs that were supposed to come up this summer? Know anyone who’s been hired by the Obama Plan yet?

Didn’t think so.

I think the Obama Administration is trying to do away entirely with small-town America. He wants everything centered around big cities and big city government. No more “Green Acres” in this country. No more “Hee Haw.” Our president is too good for that.

He seems to want to jazz up America and make us more appealing to other countries. Hey dude, we already are more appealing to other countries, and we’re footing the bill for every one that walks across the border!

All the industry running small-town America is being turned off like the lights after a high school football game. The cost of operating under the current system is too much for a lot of them.

Just so you know, Barney Frank wants to take away from the military budget to pay for the national health care plan. Of course he does. He has never served in the military and therefore sees no reason to keep a strong budget for our guys and gals who make sure he has a job to go to everyday.

And remember: Most of our soldiers come from small town America.

They’re the ones keeping the foreign takeover of our country at the gate.

“Leetle peeg, leetel peeg, lemme come in…”

“Not by the hair of our chinny chin chin!”

If you do nothing else this July 4, say “thank you” to a soldier.

You’ll be glad you did. He or she may end up being a thing of the past.