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LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Leaders have allowed roads to crumble

I've lived in Effingham County for more than 24 years years. I’ve witnessed us grow from a small rural county to a booming area with an ever-exploding population.

Our county's income has quadrupled and the tax revenue is greater that ever in our history!

Still, our leaders have allowed our roads to get in to the most deplorable condition that we've ever seen. Recently on Courthouse Road, I hit a pothole big enough to put a VW Beetle in. It almost snatched the steering wheel out on my hand and knocked the front end of my vehicle out of alignment.

The street in front of our home is in such bad shape that you are driving in the gravel and there is not room to pass another car.

We're sitting here with a beautiful courthouse with the brick street in front and a multi-million dollar recreation park and can't afford to repave our roads! I almost sound like I'm bitter but I'm really just frustrated at the whole situation.

Oh, by the way. I haven't seen any big reductions in our county taxes.

Roland Dann