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Letter to the Editor
Where is the silent majority?
Letter to the Editor generic

Dear Editor:

Where is the silent majority? Why is this happening in Southeastern rural Georgia?

Is it the majority are giving out enough rope to hang the political rhetorical commentary by these groups, or have we just become totally indifferent having too much on our plate dealing with our own day-to-day world?

Too tired to fight a battle of ethics and morality at the end of the day.
The face of Effingham is shifting to far-right extremism. It's not going well. Good people leaving positions due to their own free will; held up to wall of scrutiny and vicious lies, and “drain the swamp” idealism.

Does anyone take the time to realize this type of nonsense keeps good people away? It poisons the well, stains the job market with doubt, and affects quality of life for everyone. And in the-not-seen part, costing more money to place searches to bring in qualified candidates to hire who will ultimately go somewhere else that doesn’t have the drama and lack of common sense. And chalk it up to a life lesson.
As a lifelong conservative it's actually somewhat daunting; and ugly to witness such public displays of ignorance in local governments where rumors become fact and speculation becomes reality’s voice.
Or just plain stupid stuff is spread like manure – costing the taxpayers money for lawyers’ fees to achieve nothing other than personal agendas.


Mike Gerwig,