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Casino gambling, pot are not the answers
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Dear Editor,

I just had to respond to Tom Crawford’s column in the Dec. 9 Effingham Herald. I disagree with Mr. Crawford’s opinion of casino gambling, marijuana growing, and food stamp control for the state’s economy. When politicians and those wanting to play havoc with moral issues present them to society, it is through the pocketbook. One thing that the liberals have learned well, it is do it through humor or with threats of economic disaster.

Gambling and marijuana are not economic issues, they are moral issues.  We are expected to turn a blind eye if those things will add to the coffers of the state’s treasury or to line the pockets of business men.  Why do we have so many state representatives and senators so ready to jump on board on two issues that clearly increase crime, cause moral decay, and take money away from families.  

I haven’t agreed with much of what Governor Deal has done in office, but for once, it looks like he has gotten a backbone.  I praise him for his “Grinch” attitude.

And for heaven’s sake, let’s bring “Christmas” into this moral foray.  If Mr. Crawford wants to bring a holiday into the issue, what a better one than Christmas, since it is not about getting, but giving.  God gave His son not to bring more gambling and more  “pot” for our enjoyment, but that we might be free from the sin of these addictions.    

“Food stamps!” The food stamp program has been off the charts in corruption for decades, and there doesn’t seem to be any attempt to correct it. And let’s get emotional about it at Christmas, too.  Mr. Crawford didn’t mention the more than 1,000 laid off in Savannah’s aerospace industry and what they will do for Christmas.

I agree with Mr. Crawford, “let’s get the spirit of the holiday season.” But please not with more gambling, marijuana and food stamp abuse, but believing and trusting in the One that can truly give contentment and joy in life. He is not the “grinch,” but the “Christ.”

Ray Parker