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Former foe backs Carter
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Dear Editor,

As a former candidate for Congress this cycle in Georgia’s First District and a former senior aide and advisor to incumbent Rep. Jack Kingston, I have a unique perspective on this year’s important race to fill Kingston’s seat.
I got to know all of the candidates and their teams throughout this process, and I have come to one conclusion as the days count down before the July 22 runoff election: State Sen. Buddy Carter is the right man for the job at the right time. As the long-time owner of a successful small business, Buddy understands the challenges of operating a business during tough economic times. He also offers a unique perspective on the challenges being created in the health care marketplace by Obamacare.
Buddy has held various levels of elected office in the past and has a thorough understanding of the district and the issues we face. Filling 22 years of seniority established by Rep. Jack Kingston will not be accomplished overnight, but there is no doubt that Buddy Carter is the best-situated among the two remaining candidates to jump in head-first and represent the issues facing our critically important military infrastructure, ports and more.  
I’d be remiss if I did not acknowledge that Dr. Bob Johnson also became a friend of mine through this process. No one can argue with Dr. Bob’s level of patriotism or service to his country. That said, these are important times for our nation, as we deal with a Washington that remains broken in a number of ways and as we continue to dig out from the worst recession since the Great Depression. Sen. Carter will be a seasoned, steady hand to lead the charge. I encourage you all to please show up and vote on July 22 — make your voice heard.

David Schwarz
Schwarz is a former candidate for the 1st District seat.