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Friends passing leaves a void
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Dear Editor,

The loss of my special friend Virginia:

We have just buried my beloved friend Virginia Scott. What a truly wonderful lady. She was the most caring and compassionate person you would ever know. Virginia’s love for her family, church and friends was indescribable. Everyone who knew her was touched by her kindness and friendly ways. She had the most giving heart of anyone I knew.

The meals she prepared were more like banquets, whether it was for a family in our church or community who had lost loved ones or someone she barely knew. She prepared the best. The full-course meals were so delicious right down to the sweet tea and mouth-watering desserts. Her turkey and dressing were her trademark. She never skimped on meals, but made sure there was always plenty.

Her church homecoming dinners were always prepared with love. She would always plan for weeks what she would cook. Needless to say her dishes were the first to go.

I could go on forever about her decorating skills and the beautiful things in her home with her special touch. Her Christmas for her family will be everlasting memories, and I know Leigh, Jon and Elaine will always treasure them in their hearts.

Her laughter, humor and love for other people will be missed by so many who had the honor to know her, especially “her ladies at the beauty shop.”

We lost Virginia to a terrible disease and we think it was too quick and not fair. She only knew about her illness for 16 days, but her love and support for us during those days was overwhelming. She comforted us and assured us that all was well, instead of us being the strong ones. Butch and her children never left her side. I know they must have gotten their strength from her, because they stayed strong for all of us.

I know she is with God now and just as busy in heaven as she was here. I know she is sharing her recipes with all the angels, and they are singing her praises.

I know I’m being selfish, but I wish I could share one more secret or laugh about something only she and I could see. She was a beautiful lady inside and out, and we will always miss our beloved Mrs. Virginia.

I love you from your Eden sister,
Andrea Johnson